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Shareware to speed-up downloading - These are easy to use small utilities software that can easily double or triple your Internet throughput for downloading.

How to tweak your PCs to speed-up throughput?

Shareware to monitor your Internet speed

Are you experiencing slow Internet speed?

Shareware to speed-up downloading
These are small and easy to use utilities that can speed-up downloading. It is recommended to install any one of below program: 1, 2, 3, 4 and use it together with any one of: 5, 6, 7 and either one of: 8 or 9

1st choice: accelerator that can auto detect and download from a few FTP site simultaneously.

2nd choice: Flash Get accelerator that can auto detect and download from a few FTP site simultaneously.

3. a recovery and resume download if you were disconnected in the middle of downloading a file. Also available at

4. automatically continues the download where you were disconnected, without you having to start all over again. Also available at or

Freeware to speed-up your PC, these are easy to use small utilities software that can easily double or triple your Internet throughput.

5. PPP-Boost freeware (for Win 95,98,Me)

6. Modem Booster shareware

7. Modem Booster shareware

This site
Freeware to help speed-up your downloading?Prevent server time-out disconnection by you ISP

Guaranteed to solve your problems!
Links to a host of experts to answer all your questions

Why can't I get Internet max-speed?
Internet traffic travel in bursts governs by TCP and the speed a webpage single bit takes to get to your PCs is limited by...

Having slow Internet throughput?
How to tweak your PC's for Internet maximum throughput?

Setting serial port to the maximum can
optimize a PCs p
rocess data to the theoretical maximum data flow between serial port and the modem is governed by UART

Stanford Web Credibility Research Guidelines? 10 guidelines compiled for building the credibility of a website based on three years research that included over 4,500 people

Medical Resources on the Internet?
The goal is to
become better educated so that you and your doctor can work together to come up with a solution

Get maximum performance for almost everything Free-wares, Hacking, Hackers, Tech & Geek, Freebies

Slow Internet--want to know where the hang-up is? Ping your ISP server or website you are visiting to figure out which is slowing you down

When disaster strikes and you didn't back-up? Prepare for disaster with a back-up disaster recovery plan

How to double or triple your Internet throughput? Dial-up modem, Network, Cable, DSL, ISDN, whatever...

Useful freeware and shareware software's, tools, listings, anti-spam, VoIP, games download

CGI: What the Heck Is That?
CGI or Common Gateway Interface
a method used to exchange data between the server...

Shareware to prevent online disconnection
Server time out most ISP servers are designed to disconnect a client, if there are no activities for some time: to free the line for other users.

8.Rasputin shareware that  PING your ISP server and prevent disconnection, available at:

9.Stay Connected shareware prevent dial-up disconnection involuntarily, available at:

How to speed up downloading? Slow Internet speed (throughput) could be due to problems with your PCs settings, poor quality modem and bad phone line or even gadget like answering machine connected to your phone.


How to speed up downloading by tweaking
your PC's for maximum Internet throughput?

First step
1. On your desktop, click on MY COMPUTER
3. Click on SYSTEM
Win 95, 98, Me, XP etc. - Click on View all control panel options to see the SYSTEM icon

5. Click on PORTS (COM & LPT) - double click

usually this port is use for external modem, of course if your modem uses COM 1 then click on it. (If you are not sure which COM port is used, especially for internal modem you can set both)

7. Click on  PROPERTIES
8. Click on PORT SETTING
9. Click on BITS PER SECOND, set to the maximum of 921600

10. Click on button marked ADVANCE
11. Click and check mark the "Use FIFO Buffers"

12. At Receive Buffer and Transmit Buffer, set it to high

13. Click OK until all the setting windows are closed.

NEXT step
14. Call up CONTROL PANEL again
15. Click on MODEM
16. Click on the button PROPERTIES
17. At GENERAL TAB  "Maximum Speed" set it to 115200

NEXT step
18. On your desktop, click on MY COMPUTER
20. Right click on your dial icon, select PROPERTIES

21. Click on the SERVER TYPE tab and
uncheck all the options

23. at Allowed Network Protocols, uncheck NetBEUI and IPX/SPX compatible

24. Click on the TCP/IP Settings button uncheck Use IP header compression. - Click OK, it is all done.

  If you want to know why the settings here can improve your Internet throughput? See UART






















Why are you experiencing slow Internet throughput?

Why are you experiencing
slow Internet throughput?

Throughput? The outgoing & incoming datagram between your computer, ISP connection and the Internet network

Slow Internet speed (throughput) could be due to problems with your PCs settings, poor quality modem and bad phone line or even gadget like answering machine connected to your phone.

Other factors for slow Internet speed PCs with minimal 32 Mb RAM + cheap modem + PCs setting not optimal + multitasking while surfing + phone line static + Internet congestion + server congestion + gadgets connected to phone line and having slow UART

Slow Internet speed is not a simple matter of getting from point A to B. It is a measure of volume of bits per seconds or latency.

Latency is the amount of time, in milliseconds that it takes for a given packet of bits (1 byte equal 8 bits) to travel from one computer to another (throughput).

MaxMtu (MTU) Maximum Transmission Unit - is the default packet Windows uses to negotiate when a connection is opened between two computers, they must agree on an MTU by comparing MTU and selecting the smaller of the two.

If it is set too large for routers, it is then fragmented into packet size and can take double the amount of time it takes to send a single packet.

Internet traffic travels in bursts of packet of 4,288 bits or 536 bytes which is governs by by TCP/IP transmission control protocol/internet protocol. Typical 28.8 or 56.6 modem download speed are usually 3 million to 5 million bits per second.

Since your modem connection is able to receive data at that rate, why do you face "slow speed"? Usually, it is due to the network or Internet congestion, slow server of the site that you are visiting or the site is having with lots of visitors.

Therefore, causing you to experience slow speed--which you have no control, except to surf during off-peak hours or visit another less congested site.

DSL, ADSL, ISDN or whatever higher bandwidth premium gadgets may not help. Although they do move bits & bytes faster, "slow speed" are still governs by network congestions which can be checked, PING your ISP servers to determine connection throughput.


Dial-up Networking monitor

Dial-up Networking Monitor (for Win95,98,Me)
Although your PCs indicates a connection of 56.6 Kbps, you can still experience poor throughput packets/data bytes coming into your PCs which may be caused by:

1. Peak hours Internet congestion

2. The website that you are visiting (popular) is congested

3. Your ISP server congestion due to ie: too many clients being connected through their system at the same time

If you want to know the constant change taking place while being on-line, these software will be able to display on your PCs monitor the exact status of your dial-up connection throughput.

1. freeware called Dial-up Networking Monitor (for Win95,98,Me). Simple and easy to use, small utility that monitors your ISP connection throughput speed as well as the website your are visiting.

2. shareware which can monitor, isolate, diagnose and correct Internet performance problems. Plus let a user identify the source of their network bottlenecks, whether it is the PC's, modem, ISP, Internet backbone or remote website.

3. shareware Net Optimizer




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