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Sun Tzu - Art of War

Sun Tzu said:
Leader who takes on the role of the
commander, without understanding
the strategy of warfare
invite defeat.


Sun Tzu, Art of War (13 chapters)

Was presented to Emperor Wu Helu during the period (476--221BC) of the warring states in China.

Emperor Wu: Can girls be trained, based on it?

Sun Tzu : Yes!

Emperor Wu: Summon 180 palace girls and
were given arms for training.

Sun Tzu :
Divided them into two groups, each group
led by the "Emperor" favorite concubine.

Sun Tzu :
Do you all know your front, left, right and rear position; the girls replied...Yes!

Sun Tzu :




Do as I command and
look forward when I say

To the left when I say Left
To the right when I say Right
To the back when I say Rear

Those who disobey my orders
will be punished, is that clear?

Sun Tzu :

Listen carefully and do as I command: Right
The girls giggled, paid no attention and failed
to follow orders.

Sun Tzu :
Failure to give orders which the troops cannot
remember by heart, is the commander fault.

Sun Tzu :
I will now explain the commands once more:
Look forward when I say front
To the left when I say left
To the right when I say right
and to the back when I say rear -- is that clear?

Sun Tzu :
Get ready and make no mistakes this time: Left
Again the "girls" paid no attention and failed to
follow orders.

Sun Tzu :
Failure to give clear orders and instructions is the commander's fault. But after the commander has clearly given instructions and yet orders failed to be followed. The troops and leaders are to be blamed, if they choose not to obey.

Sun Tzu :
Execute those who disobey.
The troops panic and were hysterical at this stage and the "Emperor" intervene to prevent losing his favorite concubines.

Sun Tzu :
Since I have been given the command.
I am disciplining my troops, there must
be no interference.

Sun Tzu :
Executed the troops leaders in public.
And appoint two new replacement leaders.
This time, when the orders were given, the troops marched to the beat of the drums and none dare to ignore any orders.



Sun Tzu
Art of War

Sun Tzu - Art of War reveals secrets for success. Modern business practitioners have successfully applied the same secret principles in business and human relationship.

Sun Tzu - Art of War central premises is that, triumph over conflicts and true victory, can only be won by strategy.

The Art of War written 2,300 years ago by;
Sun Tzu - a great Chinese military genius, during the era (476 to 221 B.C.) where a few hundred wars (equal to 150 years of World War II) were fought non-stop between the separate warring states of China.

The Art of War in only 13 chapters, present; powerful classic tools that is essential and can be applied to overcome personal or business confrontation, obstacles, as well a human relationship until victory is assured.

Those who want to control their destiny will find that: Sun Tzu Art of War presents a humane and intelligent methods for triumph over non-negotiable
conflicts and neutralizing its impact.

Sun Tzu said:

Free eBook Sun Tzu Art of War
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Those who understand
these fundamentals will win.

Those who don't will be defeated.


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The five fundamental strategies.




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Sun Tzu

Free eBook Sun Tzu Art of War Leaders who takes on the role of the commander, without thoughtful strategy invite defeat.

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