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Art of War


   3--Plan of Attack
   8--Nine Variations
 11--Nine Situations
 12--Attack by Fire

Sun Tzu - Art of War

Sun Tzu said:
Much computation brings triumph.
Little computation brings defeat.
How much more so with no computation.

By observing this,
I can predict victory or defeat.


The five fundamental strategies


Sun Tzu said:

Strategy is the great work of the organization.
In situations of life or death
it is survival or extinction.

Therefore, it needs careful study.

Calculate a plan with five working fundamentals and examine each of them closely.

1. Moral Cause - Inspire people to share the same ideas and expectations.

2. Nature - is changes in climatic conditions.

3. Situation - is distant or immediate, obstructed or easy, and conditions for the chances of life or death.

4. Leadership
- is wisdom, humanity, credibility, courage,  intelligence and firmness.

5. Discipline - is officials views employ moral cause, reward, punishment, logistics and flexible system.

Those who understand these fundamentals will win.

Those who don't - will be defeated.


Examining the Fundamentals
Sun Tzu said:

  • Who can pull the people and army together?

  • Which leader possesses competence?

  • Who has advantage over nature and situation?

  • Who can command better order and discipline?

  • Who has a more superior army?

  • Who has better trained men?

  • Who has a fairer system of reward and punishment?

      The answers will predict the outcome of war.

Employ leaders who follow my calculations
they are certain to win.

Remove leaders who do not follow my calculation
they are certain to be defeated.








Paradox of Strategies
Sun Tzu said:

War is full of deception.
Heed me by calculating the advantages and reinforce them by directing outwardly.

  • The capable must pretend to be incapable

  • When able, appear unable

  • When active, appear inactive

  • When close, appear distant

  • When distant, appear close

  • When complete, appear to prepare

  • When angry, appear to submit

  • When comfortable, appear to toil

Entice opponent with bait of small gains.
Be vigilant when opponent is alert.
Retreat temporarily when opponent is strong.

Provoke opponent to be angry.
Pretend to be weak to make opponent complacent.
Sow discord when opponent are united.

Lure through advantages and take control through confusion. Attack when opponent is unprepared and appear where least expected.

This is the strategist's way of winning.
Always be flexible.

War is very unpredictable.



Foretelling Triumph
Sun Tzu said:

Those who will win,
compute a great number of factors before a challenge.

Those who are defeated,
compute a small number of factors before a challenge.

Careful planning will lead to victory.
Poor planning will lead to defeat.
Worse, if there is no planning at all.

Much computation brings triumph.
Little computation brings defeat.

How much more so with no computation.
By observing this, I can predict victory or defeat.


Sun Tzu said:

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Those who are not aware of
disadvantageous strategies.

Cannot be aware of strategies that are advantageous.

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Sun Tzu

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