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This email broadcasting software program is suitable for individuals, home, SOHO office PC running Windows 98se Me 2000 XP NT4

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5 stars gold award
eMail Broadcast Professional

MailsBroadcast Professional
Your vital link to enhancing customer loyalty.

This CRM Customer Relationship Management database contact eMail Broadcast manager  Professional 25000 edition is suitable for heavy  email marketing broadcast usage.

You can mass group broadcast personalize 1to1 HTML or TEXT email messages to 25000 email recipients per list with with unlimited email list

This email CRM Broadcast Freeware will not expire, 100% fully functional, not spyware, no nag ads, not adsware and no pop-up ads, have unlimited email group that you can group or bulk send up-to 100 1to1 personalize email messages per recipients list with unlimited email list.

Download eMail CRM
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File size 6Mb


show me
how to download?

  Angel How do I install the program after downloading it?

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Some mail servers do not accept emails from
my server, saying that I am an open relay.

What does it mean?

Open relay
means that anyone can use your mail server to relay emails anywhere--in short; spammers can send junk mail via your mail server to hundred of thousands of recipients by simply sending only one email message using the BCC: field...Read more

How do I hijack and "relay" my emails via third party mail server?
To send emails
via a third part mail server (open relay), you must first check if that SMTP mail server allows it--by using a mail server SMTP Relay Check tool to probe whether the SMTP mail server is an open relay for relaying emails..Read more


self-sending email spam legal?

Is it better to send HTML email or
plain TEXT?

How to send emails
with auto
pop-up windows?

How to broadcast
with fake email
message headers?

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Can I use my (desktop) PCs as an email server and bypass my ISP?
Any computer can access a SMTP Mail Server to send or receive emails from any location and you can use this free desktop PC mail server program Read more

Is it better to send HTML email or
plain TEXT messages?
HTML formatted email don't contain Text, some ISPs automatically delete anything without text in the body of the email...Read more

Why is it always that some email
addresses can't be sent
off & on?
Bounced or undeliverable mails
are quite normal due to reasons; Busy mailbox, blocked domain, mailbox full, temporary suspended, mailbox over limit...Read more

What is the purpose and how do I
make use of codes and scripts like PHP, Java, CGI, Perl, etc.?
Scripts and codes is a popular method used by many emailers to embed it into their formatted HTML emails--usually without the recipients consent--to track and gather information...Read More


The easies way to stop email spam, virus getting into your PC Free2-Try

100% effective
I recommend it.
Free eBook Sun Tzu
Art of War - "Leaders who takes on the role of the commander, without understanding the strategy of warfare, invite defeat."
  Freeware eMail Bounce manager
valued contribution that I and the rest of my team sincerely appreciate it. We have checked your software twice and it is good."

Dealing with Unhappy Customer

Why is this an opportunity
and not a headache?
Here's why:

Irritate one customer and they'll tell a hundred people about their bad experience, but deal with them correctly and they will become a loyal and happy customer.

That's why it is so important to maintain warm positive relations with your customers after all, they're handing you money every month treat them and their money with the respect they deserve.

They may be upset because of billing charges they weren't expecting, or the product or service wasn't what they were expecting, or delivery was later than promised, or they misunderstood your procedures and practices, or sometimes it is a genuine error on your part, and there are also times when it is simply a figment of the customers imagination.

The absolute first thing to remember in dealing with a customer's complaint is to listen. Don't interrupt, just let them talk.

We all want to think that people are paying attention to our needs, so pay attention and let them talk their frustrations out, they end up actually switching sides and start defending you.
Read More

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Want More Visitors?
Customers and Clients?

Make it Easy for Them to Buy -
by Judy Cullins

If you are like me you may be offending visitors and potential buyers by not making it easy for them to buy.

Today, I almost lost a sale because when a potential customer went to my site under "teleclasses" and ordered the 3-audio-tape series at a discounted price of $50, she noticed it said $90.

Of course she didn't make the order. Just a little mix up, but if she hadn't told me, the mistake could be sending many other buyers away. The how to buy wasn't clear enough, and the price was wrong.

Although my Web master and I fixed it in a few minutes, this mistake reminded me to update and "check and correct" each part of my site more often.

To make up for the mistake, I offered her 3 free eBooks valued at $30 free when she revisited.

While many like the free 800 number to order, others really like a coupon like the magazines offer to buy a product or service. Making it easy for your customer to buy is all-important to increase your sales, subscribers, and clients... Read More

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Are self-sending email spam legal?
What are POP3 or APOP authentication?
How to send emails with auto pop-up windows?
What are email message headers?

About eMail CRM Broadcast Freeware

The email CRM broadcasting Freeware will not expire, no-nags ads, not spyware, fully functional and can bulk, mass, or group email 1to1 personalized messages to 100 recipients per email list with unlimited email list and email group.

Tip: If you have 1,000 email addresses, simply create 10 lists


eMail List

eMail list
contains your customers email addresses database. You can store up-to 100,000 emails into a single list--depending on the processing power of your computer. Note: Freeware will allow you to send only up to 100 email per list.

eMail list from 2 lists can be merged into one new list and you have the options to retain the original list. During the merging process, it automatically detect duplicates email addresses and remove them.

eMail list are created by you and you can create unlimited lists. You can store up to 100,000 email addresses into each email list.

eMail List can be delete, merge, rename, export, save, copy, duplicate, back-up & restore and input new database.


Recipient list

Recipients List
is the maximum amount of customers that can receive your email message per email list

If you have 3,000 email addresses and using the 500 recipients list Standard Edition--only the first 500 email addresses can receive your message.

Create six
email list of 500 email addresses each.


Mails Group

eMail Group are created for storing email list

eMail Group can contain one or more email list

eMail Group are created by you and unlimited.

Within each eMail Group you can input or remove unlimited eMail List and Messages for broadcasting without affecting your original lists or messages.

eMail Group are for you to manage your email broadcast marketing campaign for various products.



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