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This email broadcasting software program is suitable for individuals, home, SOHO office PC running Windows 98se Me 2000 XP NT4

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5 stars award
eMail Broadcast Business Pro

This CRM Customer Relationship Management database contact eMail Broadcast manager Business1500 edition is suitable for mass medium email broadcast usage.

You can mass group broadcast personalize HTML or TEXT email messages to 1,500 email recipients per list with with unlimited email list and upgradeable to the Marketing 5000 edition at any time.

This email CRM Broadcast Freeware will not expire, 100% fully functional, not spyware, no nag ads, not adsware and no pop-up ads, have unlimited email group that you can group or bulk send up-to 100 1to1 personalize email messages per recipients list with unlimited email list.

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File size 6Mb


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Angel How do I install the program after downloading it?

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What is an IP address or email domain address?
IP address are numeric numbers (example: and not that represents a location on the internet. Most web site has a domain name (ie: linked to an IP address that emails can be sent.

IP addresses are allocated to companies and ISPs in blocks. Anyone can find out who administers a block of addresses or the owner of a domain address by using an IP Block whois tool to query the Internic database.
Read more about IP, DNS Address

Why do I often get disconnected or server-time-out notice from my ISP while broadcasting email messages?
Undeliverable or bounced emails does not means that they are invalid. It could due to your ISP imposing limits by time or quantity of emails that you can send.... Read more


self-sending email spam legal?

Is it better to send HTML email
plain TEXT?

How to send emails
with auto
pop-up windows?

How to broadcast
with fake email
message headers?

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Can I use a non-existing REPLY TO: (known as email spoofing) email address for broadcasting email messages?

Most ISPs mail server have requirements for outgoing or return REPLY TO email addresses as well as performing a reverse nslookup--to prevent and disallow you to send email to another ISPs SMTP mail server, when the sender or recipient is a non-local user. ...Read more

Nslookup are used to find what your server IP address is. You can make used of windows DOS "Command Prompt"  to display the DOS screen and at the prompt enter nslookup followed by the name of the domain to display the domain IP address... Read more

About Email Spoofing & Phishing
Email can be spoofed by tweaking the settings on standard email client like; Eudora, Outlook Express, etc., and sending spoofed email by inserting someone else email address into the Mail FROM: or REPLY TO: fields ...Read more


The easies way to stop email spam, virus getting into your PC Free2-Try

100% effective
I recommend it.
Free eBook Sun Tzu
Art of War - "Leaders who takes on the role of the commander, without understanding the strategy of warfare, invite defeat."
  Freeware eMail Bounce manager
valued contribution that I and the rest of my team sincerely appreciate it. We have checked your software twice and it is good."

Ask Vicki on Web Marketing Effective Use of
by Victoria Steele. Sending email messages is the most popular use for the Internet. So it makes sense that e-signature advertising should be included as part of your web marketing.

To make things easy, setting up an e-signature takes only a few minutes, and once properly set-up in your email software, it will be automatically tacked onto the end of all your outgoing messages.

It is important to use an effective "e-signature" at the bottom of all email messages you send. Additionally your "e-sig" should be used for newsgroup postings and other types of postings (we'll list these below).

The majority of email messages sent do not include an e-signature. And most of messages that do include one, can definitely use a rework of their e-sig. Are you using an e-sig right now? And if so, is it effective?

First, determine your objective. If you're an AE (account executive) for a large company, the objective of your e-sig might be to keep your phone number and extension in front of your current customers, and provide hotlinks for products and support (so your customers don't bug you for things that are already on your company's site)...Read More

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An autoresponder is useful for responding to people who send you inquiries through email. They are an essential tool in any webmaster's toolbox and can enhance your visitors experience.

People should receive messages when they would normally expect to receive messages. Follow up for an order or other communication.

For example; "did you receive your order okay?" message a few days after the order was taken is excellent customer service. Including autoresponder links on your website to deliver articles and information to an email box.

Autoresponder have some excellent uses:

  • As an acknowledgement or thank you for something.
  • As a way to get something delivered in email form (reprint publishers love this method of obtaining articles).
  • As a way to deliver a series of something (like an email course) to someone.
  • GetResponse has an excellent autoresponder service. They offer a limited function free version, and one of the most functional paid versions that exist.... Read More

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About eMail CRM Broadcast Freeware

The email CRM broadcasting Freeware will not expire, no-nags ads, not spyware, fully functional and can bulk, mass, or group email 1to1 personalized messages to 100 recipients per email list with unlimited email list and email group.

Tip: If you have 1,000 email addresses, simply create 10 lists


eMail List

eMail list
contains your customers email addresses database. You can store up-to 100,000 emails into a single list--depending on the processing power of your computer. Note: Freeware will allow you to send only up to 100 email per list.

eMail list from 2 lists can be merged into one new list and you have the options to retain the original list. During the merging process, it automatically detect duplicates email addresses and remove them.

eMail list are created by you and you can create unlimited lists. You can store up to 100,000 email addresses into each email list.

eMail List can be delete, merge, rename, export, save, copy, duplicate, back-up & restore and input new database.


Recipient list

Recipients List
is the maximum amount of customers that can receive your email message per email list

If you have 3,000 email addresses and using the 500 recipients list Standard Edition--only the first 500 email addresses can receive your message.

Create six
email list of 500 email addresses each.


Mails Group

eMail Group are created for storing email list

eMail Group can contain one or more email list

eMail Group are created by you and unlimited.

Within each eMail Group you can input or remove unlimited eMail List and Messages for broadcasting without affecting your original lists or messages.

eMail Group are for you to manage your email broadcast marketing campaign for various products.


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