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Freeware to help you manage bounced, returned
or undeliverable email.

Available at: www.bouncemailmanager.com

Every ISP's have their own standards and ways to bounce and filter spam--if your mails consistently fails, the underlying factors could be serious, like: black-listed email domain due to yours or your ISPs mail server being an "Open Relay", etc.

Undeliverable or bounced mails are not necessarily invalid, why did mail servers bounce them in the first place?

There are many cases where customers had reconfirmed that their emails are valid, yet they were bounced.

Most bounced can be avoided--for full info about bounced and how to overcome it... visit: http://www.bouncemailmanager.com

  • Q? What's the difference between our own mail server undeliverable mails and a bounced email?

    Undeliverable from your own mail server are mails
    that can't be sent out. Bounced are mails sent-out successfully and returned by recipients mail servers.

  • Q? What about bounced comes attached with a virus, etc?

    A. Your system will be not exposed to any virus because Ai-Intelligent Bounce logic scans only the mail "Raw" header contents, attachments are ignored and deleted from the mail server.

  • Q? Can a dial-up 28.8 kbps modem be used?

    A. Yes. BounceMail Manage only scans retrieved bounced mails "Raw" header contents and will be as fast as the modem or mail server can delivers them.

  • Q? How fast does the program process bounces?

    A. Between 1,000 and 4,000 bounced mails per hour depending on the connection throughput and device used, ie: 28.8 kbps dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, Cable, etc.

  • Q? What happens to all the bounced mails, after the program have retrieved them from the mail server?

    A. Bounced mails will not accumulate in the mailbox nor reside in your system because they are deleted immediately after the program have initiated the "end session" command to the mail server.

  • Q? I can't find the answer required, what should I do?

    A. For more info, click here > www.bouncemailmanager.com


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