Heine Askaer

"Today, there's only one asset in an organization, and that is the customer."

  Heine Askaer - Jensen Group
MD, Jebsen & Jessen

If you

"True differentiation now lies with how you interact with your customers."

Derek Sampson


Derek Sampson, Director
for CRM Solutions Asia, PeopleSoft

  Hannes Steiner

"Excellent customer relationship becomes a key competitive advantage."

  Hannes Steiner, Vice President
IXOS Software Asia Pte

"Companies are finally realizing the importance
of keeping their customers happy."

Neil McMurchy


Neil McMurchy
Research director of GartnerGroup


Charles B. Wang
Chairman of Computer
Associates International Inc

Charles B. Wang

"This is a world where you don't work the web.
The web
works for you.



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CRM is the process of acquiring, retaining and growing profitable customers by establishing a dialogue, to anticipate, understand their evolving individual needs, and to maximizing the lifetime value of this interactive relationship.

Today, you can do it on an industrialized basis for tens of thousands of customers by way of eMail Broadcast

It is your key strategy to stay focused on the needs of your customers and to reach-out to more targeted prospects.


eMail Broadcast Marketing Pro
5 stars rating

Your customers
Your future

Bringing life to
Developing Relationship
Customers = Profits. All else, are overhead.
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