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You can visit this website and browse it without telling us who you are or reveal any information about yourself to us. We do not place any cookies in your browser to track your visit.

Use of gathered information
Are not sold or rented out, only for opt-in email CRM marketing program ezine and occasionally to keep you posted on email broadcast CRM products up-dates and eCRM related products special offers.

If at any-time, you wish to be removed from our list, simply click reply with REMOVE as subject header.

Credit card payment information
No information is collected by us and we have no access to them, when you submit your payment online.

Your credit card information is submitted directly to a credit card institution for processing at a https:// secure site

A "hairy" question!

Q? Is it safe to shop and give your credit card info via the internet?

A. Definitely "Yes" buying goods from reputable online stores verified by PayPal is safe. To protect you, PayPal transact through their secure servers and validate it via email to confirm your transaction. See credit payment demo

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