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Read me For broadcasting related questions, ie: speed of mailing,
IP address, mail server, etc., please go to eMail Broadcast FAQ

Blue dot link to a different FAQ page


I am new to downloading and need a bit of help?


I have downloaded the email program and need help to install?


I have save/download some info and can't find/open the file?
I couldn't figure out how to send (broadcast) emails

The most common installation/usage problems?

How to add an image/photo into the program for broadcasting?

After installing MailsBroadcast I got a different program?
  Having import of email addresses problem?
  My PCs display illegal operation problem?
  Where can I call for support?
  My MailsBroadcast is not working with Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc.?
  How do I create a hyper link in my message?
  Where can I find the name of my SMTP email server?
  Can I replace my email database with a new/older one?
  Can I open my Outlook Express email Address Book?
  I am unable to install my MailsBroadcast eCRM program?
  Can I run MailsBroadcast over our Local Area Network?
  Can I upgrade my MailsBroadcast to a higher version?
  I cannot send email or get connected to my ISP email server?
  I often get disconnected from my ISP while broadcasting email?
  Do you have any Partners, Resellers or Affiliates Program?


figure out


I couldn't figure out how to send (broadcast) emails

Step 1. Create a list
Go to List Manager and create a list--name it TEST list
Input a few working email addresses with First and Last Name for testing purpose--Hit key board enter button after each entry and the data will be auto saved.

Step 2. Create a Message
Go to Message Manager Select Create a new TEXT message

A. Type a simple TEST message
B. Above your test message you will notice this menu...
Select a field to insert into this message select FirstName
C. At Select a list to preview this message select TEST list
D. Point mouse after Dear in your message and click Insert Field button to greet all your recipients by: Dear<<FristName>>
will auto input each individual first name into the message while mailing
E. Click Preview button to preview your message
You can also preview how it look by clicking on different email address
F. Click Save Message as TEST Message (Save as type *txt.)
SAVE IN: Please note down where you have save it.

Q. What if my database contain no "first name"?
A. You can input <<FristName>><<LastName>>
it will auto skip FirstName if none and input LastName

Q. What if there are no "LastName"?
A. Then the recipient will only see; Dear
Tip: If you use Good Morning <<FristName>><<LastName>>:o)
It will appear as: Good Morning :o)

Step 3. Create a Broadcasting group
Go to Broadcast Manager Select Create a Broadcast group

A. Enter TEST GROUP - click NEXT button
B. Enter TEST MAIL for the delivery account - click NEXT button
C. Enter your email address at: From: & Reply To:  NEXT button
D. Enter your outgoing SMTP: i.e. mail.xxxxxx.com *Not sure?
Look at your Outlook or Outlook Express SMTP Server its the same.
E. Requires authentication, User Name and Password (Keep blank) or Tick box--*Not sure?
Look at your Outlook or Outlook Express SMTP Server and see if the authentication box is checked--if yes then "Tick the box" and enter your "User Name: and Password" same as the those used onr your Outlook.
Click NEXT button
F. Keep every thing as default for now and click OK button.
G. Click Cancel button to close Create a broadcast group window
H. Click X to close the Broadcast Manager window.


Step 4  Prepare for broadcasting
Go to Broadcast Manager and click Broadcast Manager
to display the Broadcast Manager window

A. Point mouse on Email Lists, Right Click select TEST list
B. Point mouse on Messages, Right Click select TEST message
click NEXT button
C. At Select broadcast delivery for this message select TEST message and click BACK button
D. To display an Add a message for broadcasting window
At the FROM: enter this example; Best Cooking Tips News
At the TO: and on the right there is an INSERT FIELD and click the pull-down menu, select <<FirstName>> and click TO: button to auto insert the first name from your list database
SUBJECT:  enter this example; Cooking Tips from Mom
Click OK button


Q. What if there are no <<FirstName>> in my list?
Then the TO: will be blank to the recipient. You can insert <<FirstName>><<LastName>> it will auto input what is available.

Step 5 To Broadcast
Point your mouse on THE MESSAGE that you have just added and right click to select Send this message and to display a Broadcast Status window... Click the Start Sending button.

Any web-based email account like AOL or Yahoo will not work with our mailsbroadcast program unless you have a POP3 mail account with them.

Q. I sent some emails and all the emails returned to me with the following message. I also took the precaution of including one of my email addresses on the list and the strange thing was that it came through OK
"Message to <lindsay.marty@ericcairns.Co > was undeliverable."

A. There is a space gap between   .Co and It is caused copying and pasting the email address together with a blank space at the end of .Co into the program database list. Because ASCII
have 26 hidden characters and a blank space being one will
cause your mail to be returned because there is no such address.










The most common installation/usage problems?

The most common installation/usage problems?

Click ignore if this message appear during installation
Click Ignore when this appear--error occured registering msado21
This warning appear because your Windows have a
newer version of
msado is part of Microsoft Windows\System32\MSADO15.DLL database components used by Microsoft program like Access, Excel, etc. And newer version of msado are installed automatically into your machine when some program have integrate them, for example; newer version of MS Internet Explorer browser.

Q. "Error registering msado20.tbl" - Cancel--Ignore
It means that your PCs is having a newer msado2.0 version, click "Ignore" and continue with the installation is the correct choice and if you didn't "Click Ignore"--your MailsBroadcast program will not work and you have to re-install the MailsBroadcast program again.


Getting error message while installing "email broadcast".

Q. Getting other error message during installation?
A. It is recommended to shut-down any running program before installing another to avoid files sharing conflicts and errors...

Do this: Press "Ctrl, Alt, Delete keys for "Task Manager", then, select, highlight, and "End Task" any running program--except for "Explorer". Then try to install the program again.

Notes: Does your PCs have at least 20 MB hard disk space before installing the program? Insufficient disk space can cause errors.

Notes: If you got this message during installation?
"File corrupted when downloading"?--You need to download another copy: Click here

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getting a different program


Q. After downloading and clicking on emailCRM.exe to install it, it turn out to be a different program instead of MB?

A. Getting a different program is because "Windows" usually store a previous installation in your PC C:\Windows\System32\TEMP folder which "Windows" will removed automatically. Sometime it was not removed; therefore, when you install emailCRM.exe "Windows" will install your previous program instead.

A. Do this: Write down the name of that "offending" program, then click "Windows" start button and select "Search", look for your previously install program and remove/delete it.

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Q. I have installed the "email broadcast" program
and I am getting error message while using it?

A. Do this: Shut-down the PCs, wait 15 seconds and restart it--because the "email broadcast" requires some files/resources being used another and "reboot" will refresh it.

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Q. I have done that and still getting errors.

A. If there are other running programs (multi-tasking), it may cause the PCs to have insufficient resources, therefore causing errors running "email broadcast".

Do this: Press "Ctrl, Alt, Delete" keys for "Task Manager", then, select, highlight, and "End Task" any running program that is not required and try using "email broadcast" again.

  On Sat, 13 Mar 2004 01:35:48 +0800,
<arvindraje@ icqmail.com> wrote:
Dear Sir,

I have download the program installed it and everything went like a breeze, till delivery (tried to broadcast) as describe below...

"When I clicked "send", the message returned was "Runtime Error 429. Active X component cannot create object." And pressing the OK button closed the MailsBroadcast.

Problem persisted, so did something simpler.
Uninstalled the program, re-downloaded it, close all running program--(using Ctrl+Alt+Delete key, end task) re-install the program and ran. Now working perfectly.

Thanks... Arvind Raje


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Q. I have stop multi-tasking and still have errors.

A. "Windows" recommendation is to "End Task" any running program before installing a new one--otherwise, it is possible that the newly installed program may not function correctly....

Do this: Check it-out by pressing "Ctrl, Alt, Delete keys for "Task Manager"--are there many running program? -- If yes!--Then...

Do this: By using Windows "Control Panel" "Add and remove programs"--uninstall "email broadcast" and then...

Do this: Press "Ctrl, Alt, Delete keys for "Task Manager", select, highlight, and "End Task" any running program--except "Explorer". And re-install "email broadcast", shut-down, restart "windows" and run it--without multi-tasking.

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??? I have errors and problem sending email

Read me: Sending email with "email broadcast" is about the same as using "Outlook/Express/Eudora, etc."--If you can send email from your PCs--so can "email broadcast". The settings for broadcasting are the same as your "Outlook/Express/Eudora, etc." Just make sure of the outgoing mail SMTP info and input them into: "Part 3/4 Broadcast Delivery Account" correctly.

How to check your "Outlook/Express/Eudora, etc." SMTP info?
Start them up and click: >Tools >Accounts >Properties >Servers

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Q. Email can't be sent?

Email Delivery Status display: Cannot Resolve Host
It means that you are Off-Line (not connected to the internet), wrong password uses or authentication is required.

Email Delivery Status display: Authentication not supported
It means that either your mail serve does not requires it or you have input the wrong data.

Email Delivery Status display: Server Timeouts
It means that the mail server is busy, etc., or that it is limiting you by time and/or quantity of mails allowed to be sent.

Email Delivery Status display: Invalid argument(s)
It means that your "email broadcast" program is talking (EHLO, etc.) with your ISP mail server and the mail server is not willing to accept your message--and it could be due to...

You have input incorrect password, user name, did/didn't use authentication at "Part 3/4 Broadcast Delivery Account"
You are using ISP(a) FROM: email address and login with a another ISP(b) account and the mail server is rejecting it.
Unable to send email
could be due to: Mail server busy, poor internet "throughput" at that moment, peak hours, etc. You can try again during "off peak" hours, or shut down, reboot your PC and try again.

Q. On occasions, the email goes fast enough... and on others it is taking so long to be sent?

A. Your "email broadcast" is working fine, just that sometime mailing speed is due to poor internet "throughput" at that moment, peak internet hours, PC multi-tasking, large HTML message, attachments, mail server busy, etc.
For more info? Click here (opens a new window)

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Q. Some email that I have broadcast was returned with the following explanation: "Delivery failed. I/O error encountered".

A. Your "email broadcast" is working fine, just that some email were returned because they can't be delivered by the mail server. For more info? Click here (opens a new window)

Q. None of the above seems to be the problem!
Click here to support page and describe your problem - thank you.


Read me: Do not touch or change the default Port 25--it is the internet standard email communication port between mail servers. Unless your PC is running on a network and sending email via a network mail server--then check it out with your system administrator.

Read me: Email broadcast maintains a mail server dialog record located at: C:\Program files\MailsBroadcast\emaillog.txt --and can be located by using windows search for: emaillog.txt --it maintains a mail server communication record and will be of diagnostic help--if you can email a copy to us: support@ mailsbroadcast.com - thanks.

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Having import of email addresses problem?


Having import of email addresses problem?
Problem with importing email addresses from outlook exported *.csv or *.txt file. and then after importing them into mailsbroadcast, it kind of "Jumble-up" ending in the wrong places/data field.

Clinic Doctor  - Below here is an exact step by step method for you to export/import email addresses from "Outlook Express" into the mailsbroadcast program. Basically, you have to export your emails from "Outlook" to CSV files and them import them into mailsbroadcast.

1. Open Outlook express

2. Click File and select Export Address Book

3. Click and select (highlight) Text File (Comma Separated Values)

4. Click "Export" button

5. Save exported file as: Click Browse button

6. File name: enter a file name "test-CSV-outlook"
    Save as type: Comma Separated Values (*.csv)

7. Click "Save" button

8. Click "Next" button

9. Check box "Name"
    Check box "E-mail Address"
    Leave all others un-check (blank)

10. Click "Finish" button

Done, you have now exported your "Outlook Express" email
addresses (for Outlook will also be similar) into CSV file.

to import them into mailsbroadcast....

11. Open "MailsBroadcast"

12. Select "List Manager" - Import Data into list

13. Click "New List" button, enter a "test name" and click OK

14. Click on "test import" to highlight (if this is your file name) and
    At....    1. Select a format and click on CSV
    then at 2. Select & load the file, click Select... button

15. File name: (find the file, see 6.) "test-CSV-outlook.csv"
      File of type: CSV File (*.csv)

16. Click "Open" button and OK

17. This part is a bit tricky...
At "Email Address" box select "EmailAdd" if that's where you have the emails... and the same goes for "First Name, Last Name".

Therefore, if the emails are in "FirstName" then you select "FirstName" in the "Email Address" box... got it!
Anyway, if you got is all wrong and mixed-up after importing, simply import again, using a different selection.

a) At the "Email Address" (box) select: EmailAdd
and so on for "First Name and Last Name" (box)

b) At first line header? Put a "Tick" check this box

c) Click OK and the data will be imported

d) Click List Manager, select "Open a List" >>Test-Import

e) Finally, click validate button to remove invalid email addresses


The above export/import was done with Outlook Express version 6
(XP version) and should be the same for version 5.5 (ME, 2000) or
any other email client like "Eudora, etc."

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My PCs display " Illegal operation"?


My PCs display illegal operation?

Clinic Doctor - Illegal operation are usually caused by the PCs running too many program (multi-tasking) with insufficient RAM and Windows is running low on system resources.

Remedy: Close all unnecessary running programs by pressing down both Ctrl and Alt key at the same time and press the Delete key (you may let-go-off the Ctrl and Alt key now).

Then use your mouse and high-light unnecessary program (one at a time) and click the End Task button, you may need to repeat this process to close all unnecessary program.

The only program that should not be shut-down is the: Explorer
You can safely shut-down: Microsoft Internet Explorer and all other programs like Anti-virus, Microsoft Office etc.

Shutting down any opened program will not harm your PCs because when you re-boot, everything will revert back to originally where it was.
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Where can I call for product support?


Where can I call for product support?

Clinic Doctor  - MailsBroadcast is sold internationally and it is likely that we have distributors within your area that may be able to assist you.

Remedy: Check and see if there are any re-sellers within your area to assist you Click here or you can Tell us about the problem
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I can't set up my MailsBroadcast to work with AOL?



I can't set up my MailsBroadcast to work with AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo etc?

Clinic Doctor  - AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail or many other free email accounts uses a non-standard system for delivering email and eMail Broadcast cannot be used to send email without a POP 3 SMTP mail server address ID.

Remedy: Open an account with an ISP that provide POP 3 SMTP mail server address ID
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How do I insert a link



How do I create a hyper link in my email messages?

Clinic Doctor  - For TEXT message, the best procedure is to include the mailto: command like this example: mailto:me.myzwebsite@myzwebsite.com

And when your recipients will be able to see it correctly formatted with their mail reader, like this example:

To create hyperlink to a website URL you will need to include the hyper text command HTTP:// like this example:

For HTML message, use the "Link" tool.
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ow do I find out the name of my SMTP mail server?



Where can I find the name of my SMTP mail server?

Clinic Doctor  - If you donít know the name of your SMTP server, please ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP), or your companyís system administrator for the name of your SMTP server or check your ISPs website--it may be listed there.
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Another user has updated my email



Another user has updated my data file, can I replace it with my older/newer email data file?

Clinic Doctor  - Yes, if you have export it to TEXT or CSV files, simply use the import function and import it back into your list.
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Can I open my Outlook Express Address Book in MailsBroadcast?


Can I open my MS Outlook Express email address book in MailsBroadcast?

Clinic Doctor  - No! MS Outlook Express uses a proprietary format for its Address Book that prevents the file from opening in eMail Broadcast. However, you can use the "Outlook" export function and export your address book emails to a text or CSV file and then use the MailsBroadcast import function to import it into the program.
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I am unable to install MailsBroadcast eCRM


I am unable to install my MailsBroadcast program?

Clinic Doctor  - It is possible that the program you have downloaded is corrupted (some data missing) or that it is residing within some some bad sectors of your hard-disk. The program cannot run on Win95 or Win98 minimum requirements is Win98SE

If you face this problem after downloading and during installation:
"Not a 32 bit win application" -- it is because the program got corrupted during download, download another copy and try again.

For Win98se or Win-Me, if you fact this problem after installing and upon starting the program: Runtime error 430 Class does not support automation, does not support interface. It is due to corrupted windows registry, you will need to (a) uninstall the program  (b) reinstall windows and (c) install mailsbroadcast again.

Certain errors are also cause by installing Mailsbroadcast while other programs are running--that may be using some shared dll files.
(a) Uninstall Mailsbroadcast, (b) Use the Ctrl - Alt - Delete keys and End Task (shut down) all other program and (c) Re-install

Do a scan-disk/de-fragmentation of your hard-disk. Then try re-installing or try installing it into another PCs or download another copy.
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Can I run MailsBroadcast over our Local Area Network?



Can I run MailsBroadcast over our Local Area Network?

Clinic Doctor  - MailsBroadcast eCRM is a desktop application and must be run on the PCs from which you have installed the program.
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Can I upgrade to a higher version?



Can I upgrade to a higher version?

Clinic Doctor  - You need to download the higher version again because each MailsBroadcast comes with different specification that need full install package. However, you only need to pay the difference in price for a higher version, if it is within 12 months from date of purchase.
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cannot connect to mail server



I cannot get "connect to my ISP email server" or connection is rejected when I attempt to send messages?

Clinic Doctor  - There is a few probable causes for this error:

  1. MailsBroadcast email delivery account has not been set up
  2. The email serverís name, password, etc., is incorrect
  3. Your ISP mail server is down
  4. You may be connected but having poor throughput
  5. ISPs mail server busy, down, etc.,

Remedy: Check your MailsBroadcast mail server settings at
1. MailsBroadcast System Manager, Mail Delivery Setup
2. Check that your mail server settings for misspellings
3. Use your regular mail client and test send a message
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I often get disconnected from my ISP while broadcasting?



I often get disconnected from my ISP while broadcasting?

Clinic Doctor  - Being disconnected halfway can be due to various problem from modem to ISP server, Internet peak-hour congestion or ISPs mail server is busy/down etc.

Remedy: See Ping or Maxmtu to overcome the problem.
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More info available at eMail Broadcast FAQ

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