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To your Save, find and view HTML web page guide!

1. To save a web page for viewing later, off/on line.

On your browser - while viewing the web page that you want to save, follow below instructions.

a. Click File
b. Click Save As - a dialog box will open
c. Save in: note down the folder name
. File Name: accept current name or type a new name
e. Save as type: Web Page, complete (*.htm, *.html)
f. Encoding:
g. Click
Done -You have save the HTML/web page


2. To open/view a webpage
If you have save a HTML file/web page and wish to view it, off/on line. Follow below steps...

Start-up/open your browser
h. Click File
i. Click Open - a dialog box will open, ignore it and,

j. Click Browse - another dialog box will open
k. File Name: the name of your saved HTML file

l. File Type: HTML files
m. Click Open
to view your saved HTML/web page

Can't find recall where your saved web page?

Step 3. Find
To find your saved HTML file/web page, on your desktop Click >
Start >Find  >Files or Folders



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Step 4. Find File
Note: Win ME or XP may look a bit different but uses the same principle to find files or folders.

Look in: C: or D or E or where you think you have save it

Name: Type in the name of the HTML file/web page you have saved earlier and... Click Find Now

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Step 5. File Found

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1 File found: note down the folder/file name
To view it -- see step 1

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