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To eMail Broadcast download guide

This is what will happen the moment
you click on the link to start downloading.

and may take up-to a minute before
you get to see item
No.1 so don't panic... Okay!

1. Windows will prompt you with some options: 
    File Download
    Open this file in current location
    Save this file to disk
Select this option and
Click the OK button

Help Download diagram -1

After you have clicked the OK button
another dialog box will be displayed...

Save in: Take note and remember this file name
File name: will be emailCRM.exe
Save as type: Application
Select this option
Click the Save button to start downloading


Help download diagram - 2







3. Saving:
Sit back while your eMail Broadcast CRM program is being downloaded

Help download data transfer diagram - 3







Estimated time left:
The time it takes to download your eMail Broadcast CRM program. Don't be too concern about this, the time can varies by the minute, depending on the Internet traffic.

Download to: Remember to take note of this file name

Transfer rate:
This indicates the rate of data being transferred to your PCs Data transfer rate can change by the minute, due to factors like: Internet, ISP server, peak hours Internet congestion etc.

Downloading is faster by 20-50% during off-peak hours.

Tip: Not familiar with installing your downloaded program?
Click here for installation help.


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