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the next communication channel

Remember the fax machine came into your life, followed by the cellular hand-phone?  No more waiting for the postman or losing of important calls while you were moving from client to client.

Both these devices are now almost taken for granted as essential in business, with some families even finding it useful to have a fax machine at home.

After all, it beats sending airmail letters to friends overseas and as virtually every company in town has a fax machine, getting brochures or sending orders is a lot more convenient.

Now, the next communication means spreading with swiftness world wide, is email messages sent electronically in the same way as a fax sheet except that they end up in a PC rather than being printed out on a paper.

Email is as quick as a fax and relies on telephone lines too but it has a measure of privacy since it is not printed out. 




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According to some IT or MIS managers, the introduction of an email facility is initially problematic and abused as a novelty.

This is only to be accepted with such things and usually fades away as people get down to treating  it as a communication tool.

Many of the problems of introducing email in a corporate environment stem from the attitudes of people and the unwillingness to learn or even apprehension in using PC's altogether.

Many from the older generation are less enthusiastic about the electronic culture and feel that learning a PC is beyond them.

It took me a while to be willing to use email because I was so worried that if I pressed the wrong button, my computer would be spoilt or the message would go to the wrong person" said a manager in a motor firm which set up its LAN a few years ago.

He is still hesitant when using it but increasingly finds it convenient. Younger staff who have grown up with PC's in college and home take to email readily and exploit its usefulness.

For them, email is as familiar as the
telephone and just as easy to use.

The 'abuse' of the system seems, in many cases, to be initial. People find that they can send any kind of message to anyone and so personal messages start to go around, jokes of all kinds and even office gossip.

No longer do you need to hang around the pantry or coffee machine to find out the latest in office politics- it comes across like a newspaper report at all times right at your desk.

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