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Lessons in Love
Enter...An experience.
An invitation.
Thanks for the interesting tidbits. They've helped a lot. Peace.

A.P. Fuchs - www.apfuchs.com <apfuchs@ zaam.com>

"...Filled with stolen moments, lost dreams, and too many 'if onlys' for anyone... Fueled by the knowledge of what it truly means to love, and lose, and grow, A.P. Fuchs's work brings the shadows to a stark new light, exposing all those things you never thought you would see...and now see all too clearly. A.P. Fuchs's novel--A Stranger Dead--explores the darker side of truth, and the lengths we will go to protect what we believe in..." - www.apfuchs.com

Guest: Very Useful site ... good advice too.

<theknitter@ gmail.com>

Guest: Very interesting site...its so stimulating to view different sites and their contents and designs....

i love your site...and i love the ideas presented, because it is the same with prospecting for women/men which is what my site
www.seducenow.com talks about.

<genus2@ seducenow.com>

I am here GUY MAN this is a good site MUGU that is GOOD BYE








Guest: I love this site. Please keep up the good work.

Mgbada Joe <mgbadajoe@ aba.com>


I have been experiencing undelivered messages ever since I installed an email server. This information you have here contains some good stuff.   Thanks for putting it here.

Dave Maldonado   <DMaldonado@ teamist.net>


Georges <georges@ tarpette.oxymium.net>



Guest: What a wonderful site I found

Ivaylo <Ivo80@ gbg.bg>

Can I take this opportunity to thank you, I am most grateful and will be using the program.

Andi Starr <andistarr@ btopenworld.com>

Great stuff!

Charlie Tuna <charlie@ mxdemo.borderware.com>

Wow! What a cool product you have there.

Jovern <jovern@ itechcore.com>



Guest: A well managed and very impressive site.

Payal <payal_sweety12@ yahoo.com>

Guest: Very impressive and informative site.

Shah Nawaz Khan Editor, Weekly Fraternity Briefs


You have a great looking site.

Dave Matthias <cdmatthias@ pennphoto.com>

Guest: I appreciate your responses to my earlier e-mail and I would be honored to be on your list.

Adrienne Fritze <adrienne@ urganesque.com>
Founder, Director & Sculptor
Empty & Meaningless: the Box Project:

Guest: Great Site

Rob Monica <robmonica@ aol.com>


As a website, it looked pretty darn good, loads fast,
makes the eye move along the components quickly.

Matthew Garvey <garvey@ carltech.com>
A dive club


Guest: I am very impressed.

Dennis Maskell <dmaskell@ home.com>

I have surfed your site and was impressed with the layout. There are a few catchy punch lines that attracts surfer to read on. FAQ is well written.

Chow <xychow@ tm.net.com>


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Filled with stolen moments, lost dreams, and too many 'if onlys'

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