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Part 2 - Killing with a borrowed knife

Minute Wisdom
Food for the Soul and Mind

(Part two) Killing with a borrowed knife

Wiseman: "If you want to do something,
                 make your opponent do it for you".

Military strategists throughout Chinese history have employed the strategy of "Killing with a borrowed knife".

Military strategists throughout Chinese history have employed the strategy of "Killing with a borrowed knife".

During the "Three Kingdoms" period between A.D.220 and 265, Cao Cao--the merciless ruler of the kingdom of Wei and "master of killing with a borrowed knife", hired a well know, arrogant but talented drummer for a banquet.

Cao Cao asked the drummer to change his shabby clothes into a proper performer's costume but he performed naked in front of the distinguished guests instead.

Cao Cao refrained from ordering the musician death to prevent unnecessary criticism upon himself for such petty matter--instead, paid the musician to perform again (as a gift) and sending the drummer to another nobleman, whom Cao Cao knew was equally just as short-tempered and will not tolerate such nonsense.

For sure, the musician did not live long.

If you can cause someone else to do a difficult job, you will
certainly save yourself a great deal of trouble--"Borrowing a knife to kill" means making use of others' resources for one's own gain.

Questions to Ponder?
Have we learned anything from the "Wiseman" today?
Can we apply it to our daily business or personal lives?

"Borrowing a knife to kill" may seem too devious; fundamentally, it is simply adapting to new circumstances or making use of other's resources for your own gain, sometime without your opponents being aware of it or that they have created the opportunity for you to exploit.

A recent modern classic example of applying "Borrowing a knife to kill"...

*Creative Technology, a company known for its "Sound Blaster" PCs audio card launched its top of the line 10,000 song, 20 gigabyte "Zen Touch" portable music player and expecting to sell a million units monthly--taking advantage of a market created by "Apple's" successful iPod.

*3rd Aug 2004, Star In.Tech, Malaysia


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