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A Scholar and The Wiseman

Minute Wisdom
Food for the Soul and Mind

This issue: A Scholar and The Wiseman

Once upon a time, an arrogant and distinguished scholar
visited a "Wiseman" with intention to "humble" him with
his intellectual qualities.

Scholar: I demand that you provide the correct answers
to my questions, to prove that you are not bluffing people
posing as a Wiseman.

Wiseman: Please sit down and we can start immediately
over some freshly brewed tea... here, hold the cup while
I pour some for you.

Wiseman: Filled the scholar cup with tea, kept pouring
until it was over-flowing and still continued pouring...

Scholar: Stop, Stop, stop immediately "are you blind"
the cup is full and overflowing, don't you notice it?

Wiseman: Ah yes, come to think of it, the cup is certainly
full... just like a drunkard that can't drink any more, even
when wine of exceptional quality are offered.

Questions to Ponder?
Have we learned anything from the "Wiseman" today?
Can we apply it to our daily business or personal lives?

Entering an expensive university program won't make you
an educated person, anymore than entering a music store
will make you a musician.


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