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A Lady and The Monk

Minute Wisdom
Food for the Soul and Mind

This issue: A Lady and The Monk

Once upon a time, on a journey somewhere, two monks
came across a pretty lady in distress, attempting to cross
a fast flowing river.

Monk one: Went up to the girl and said; "Girl" climb on
my back and I will be your "beast" of burden.

Monk two: Went up to his fellow monk, whispered and said;
You know, touching girls is agains our sworn rules.

Monk one: Na, it is OK, when helping someone in distress.

And so...

All of them managed to cross the fast flowing river safely,
the girl thanks the monks and happily, they continued their

Later that evening, while the monks were resting....

Monk two said; You shouldn't have done that,
touching girls is against our rules and teaching!!!

Monk One: My fellow "beast" of burden, are you still
carrying your load? I have left my mine down, hours ago!

Questions to Ponder?
Have we learned anything from the "Monks" today?
Can we apply it to our daily business or personal lives?

In many ways, every one of us carry heavy responsibilities in
whatever we are doing... decide for yourselves, when it was already off-loaded and stop carrying it forever.


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