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Who Are Your Visitors, Really?
Marketers and others
are fond of categorizing people into subsets of the general population. If you know the type of person your potential customer is, you have a better notion of how to make your sales presentation.

In theory, if your target is an engineer type, you provide all possible information about how your gizmo works. He or she will decide whether or not it will work well.

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And if your target is the impulsive type, load your copy with words that grab emotionally, that trigger the impulse to buy.

People Don't Fit Nicely Into Categories
The difficulty with
categorizations is that no matter how carefully drawn, people don't obligingly fit into a single category without some serious squeezing. The most devoted engineer type may buy after only a glance, thus behaving impulsively.

Yet one who tends to grab the first thing that "looks good," may surprisingly want to study every detail about your gizmo before even considering purchase.

I've studied dozens of categorizations constructed by really bright people. I've never seen one that worked worth a hoot in practice. In designing a website I continue to recommend providing whatever any visitor may need to make the buy decision. That is, ignore types and seek to meet the needs of all.