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The Importance of Referrals

Increase Sales By Being Your Own Customer


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How to be Remembered
Biz-Tips - by Dr. Kevin Nunley

If a prospect says
"who are you?" when they see you, you're in trouble.
If you aren't a memorable salesperson, then your company isn't going to stand out in the prospect's mind either. Here are some strategies on how to be remembered.

Remember special events.
You could send a birthday card to a person who has never bought something from you.

Who knows? You might be the only person who remembered their birthday and they'll sign a contract with you the next day.

Make sure that your thank you notes are handwritten.
This is especially important today in this computerized world.
You can also fax or send a cartoon or article that applies to your prospect.

Learn you prospect's interests. For example, if they mention that they enjoy playing board games, then on your next visit bring them a small game. Make sure that the gift is inexpensive and appropriate.

Build an emotional rapport.
Talk about things you have in common. People enjoy buying from a salesperson who they feel is interested in them, not just their order.

You sell by being different!
Perhaps it won't work 100% of the time, but it is possible that sales could double or triple by being a little more creative.


The Importance of Referrals
Biz-Tips - by Dr. Kevin Nunley

Set yourself up for success
by asking for a referral from an existing customer.

  • It is the most powerful form of marketing you can use.

  • It is also probably the least expensive.

  • Referrals have more impact than any other marketing strategy or advertising. It quickly opens doors for new customers.

Many salespeople forget to ask their customers for referrals.

  • A satisfied customer is usually glad to help you and will provide a strong testimonial for your company.

  • A referral will generally accelerate the sales cycle because your prospective customers rely on the confidence and trust that your existing customers have for you.

Treat your customers
with respect and let them know you value them.

  • People like to feel important.

  • Let them know that they are.
    Tell them you feel they would be a great source of referral business.

  • You will find that people appreciate feeling important and they will feel confident about referring others to you as a result.



Increase Sales By Being Your Own Customer
Biz-Tips - by Dr. Kevin Nunley

Customers are the center of your business.

  • If your customers aren't satisfied, then they won't stick around.

  • You need to keep them happy by understanding exactly what they want.

  • The first step is to find out WHY they might want your product or service.

To do that, you need to put yourself in their shoes.

  • As a customer, you often shop for a new product or service because you are dissatisfied with something and want to change it.

  • What will stimulate you to buy?

  • The price?

  • The speed of the service?

  • Understanding what it is that makes your customer want to buy gives you a big advantage.

It is also important
to know how you can do the best job for your customers.

  • Make your customers want to come back.

  • Treat them how you want to be treated.

  • Remember that you are also a customer yourself.

  • Think about what affects your own shopping experiences.

  • What do you like about certain companies?

  • What do you dislike?

  • What makes you feel satisfied with a purchase when you leave?

  • What makes you want to do business with a company again?

Answer these questions yourself
and you will get a better understanding of how to motivate customers to do business with you.

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