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What's Your Marketing Attitude? Entrepreneurs pay a lot of attention to the mechanics of marketing and their knowledge of marketing techniques is quite good, what they might lack is the right kind of marketing attitude. C.J. Hayden

Headlines Are Your  *Salesmen* and you would be wise to spend time with them and treat them like gold. They're out there working for you 24/7, no matter what happen. Joshua Rose

You can send out HTML emails that looks like a web page, spammers do it this way, and many people automatically delete any email that looks like it. Bob Osgoodby

Most marketers agree.... road signs you put on the net should include something free. It's a proven fact, on the Internet that people do not buy the first time they visit. Judith Tramayne-Barth

To stay in business these days you must persuade your one time purchasers into buying again and again. Once they quit buying, that's lost revenue for your business. Larry Dotson

You sell by being different! Perhaps it won't work 100% of the time, but it is possible that sales could double or triple by being a little more creative-Biz-Tips. Dr Kevin Nunley
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Failure to give clear orders is the commander's fault. But after giving clear instructions as the commander and yet orders failed to be followed. Execute those who disobey. Sun Tzu Art of War. Tony Koh

Load your copy with words that grab emotionally and trigger the impulse to buy--surprisingly many wants to study every detail about your gizmo. Bob McElwain

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Free eBook Sun Tzu Art of War Leaders who takes on the role
of the commander, without thoughtful strategy invite defeat.

Sun Tzu

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eMail Marketing Tips Great email marketing strategies and ideas to help you increase sales

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Free Online Stealth Marketing by Mike Enlow
with strategies to help you build your business with great marketing ideas
Free Secrets of International Trade Every thing you wanted to know about import export

Fatal Attraction
Art of seduction

If he who has a thing to sell, goes and whispers in a well--he won't be so apt to make the dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers!"--Anonymous. Tooting Your Own Horn. C.J. Hayden

It won't take much time or effort and you'll see results almost immediately and enjoy a permanent increase in your sales volume for a very small increase in your expenses. Bob Leduc

An auto-responder is useful for responding to people who send you inquiries through email. They are an essential tool in any webmaster's toolbox and can enhance your visitors experience

You can never eliminate every customer complaint. Some mistakes happen regardless of how carefully you try to prevent them. Expect to get a few complaints periodically. It's part of operating a business. Bob Leduc

Want More Visitors? Customers? Clients?
If you are like me you may be offending visitors and potential buyers by not making it easy for them to buy. Judy Cullins

The touch of the master's hands. That old man began playing the most beautiful music that the town had ever heard. As he finished he handed the fiddle back to the auctioneer John Colanzi

Krotz Deliver news, not spam. We've all seen the future. It's hailed as e-mail marketing and variously described as viral, personalized, opt-in, permission-based, and, oh yeah, downright cheap and efficient. Joanna L. Krotz

That's not SPAM, That's My Newsletter!
Spam Assassin uses a point system to determine whether or not a piece of email is Spam. The more points a particular email collects, the more likely it is to be Spam.
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By leveraging on creating
an impressive & effective customer experience, many online sales are netted through referrals.

Have you noticed how popular free email courses have become lately? Well, now you know why. They really work and they really produce excellent results. I can guarantee your conversion ratios will increase... David McKenzie

WOMEN WORKING FROM HOME - Entrepreneurs are discovering the value of offering incentives to their prospective clients that will inevitably increase business and sales. Home
based business owners are now cashing in on what large corporations have been doing for years...
Rozey Gean

According to the Harvard Business Review, companies are
losing an average of 50% of their customers
every five years.

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