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Where can I find the name of my SMTP mail server?

Outgoing Mail SMTP are provided to you by your ISPs or IT department. If your PCs can send emails, you can check it out by: Startup Outlook Express Select: >Tools  >Accounts  >Mail   >Options  >Properties  >Servers

Some examples of Outgoing Mail SMTP and some mail servers requires authentication before you can send-out (usually not required for receiving mails) any emails.

Sending mails through your ISPs mail server, the "Outgoing Mail SMTP" means that your ISPshave allocated a storage area specifically for your (email domain) emails to be stored there and then relayed out via their mail server to the recipient.

Therefore, they must give you some kind of "ID", password and SMTP mail server for you to access it.

If you are using your own PCs as a mail server, then you don't need to make use of your ISP SMTP mail server (to store and relay your email messages),

because you will be sending emails to your desktop PCs mail server program that is residing in your computer system (PCs) to be relayed out directly to the recipient mailbox and bypass your ISP mail server. See: PCs Mail Server  
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IP Address Nslookup

To find out your server IP address. Use windows DOS "Command Prompt" (click Start/Programs/Accessories), when the DOS screen opens, at the prompt enter
nslookup followed by the name of the domain.

Example - if your domain is enter; nslookup [hit enter key] to display your domain IP address.

To get a DOS prompt in Windows 2000 or XP, go to Start/Run, type in "CMD" and click OK.

SMTP - Simple Mail Transport Protocol is used for sending and receiving email messages, it is a protocol governing email transmission and reception. Email servers uses a variety of protocols to communicate with the Internet and SMTP, POP3 (Post Office Protocol) is for sending and retrieving mails from a mail server.

POP3 - Post Office Protocol Version 3 rfc1939 used for delivering messages to (client) mail readers (fetch mails from a remote mail server and store it locally).

See Basic email delivery or How Email Works?

The email client sends a login (UserID) and a password to authenticate the session. If accepted--the mail client send commands to retrieve messages, then the server transfers the messages and deletes them from the mailbox.

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