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Email users are concerned that they are doing something wrong, think that their computer must have contracted a virus or worm.   

"I get quite a lot of virus notification to me stating that email virus was found in my message sent to such and such email address:

(a) The notification don't tell me what I should do or how to remove the virus.

(b) None of the email addresses belongs to my friends or in my address book--in other words, I don't know them and have never email them.


"I found out from returned "undelivered" email that those address does not exist in my lists--in the first place, I have never sent them".

Warning from an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or anti spam company about an infected message that is supposed to be sent by you (which you never did) is not uncommon due to "spoofing, phising, email hijacked, spam zombies, spambot, etc. See email spoofing


Many email users are concerned that they are doing something wrong and think that these messages mean that their computer must have contracted a virus or worm.  
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The bad news is that the majority of today's email viruses and worms, etc., is randomly send from infected systems to virtually everyone in the infected computer's address book with a 'spoofed' return address--due to "spoofing, phising, email hijacked, spam zombies, spambot, etc.". See email spoofing

The good news is that your computer is not infected and your anti-virus, firewall, anti-spam, etc., is working fine.

Therefore, the source of these messages is usually due to hundreds of millions of other computers that are connected to the Internet and have been "spoofed, phising, hijacked, zombie spambot, etc," and that nipping the cause of these problem (viruses) at source is most unlikely.

As long as your email address exists in someone (your friends) address books, you will continue to receive "virus notification" messages.

THEREFORE, the more people (friends) having your email address in their address book, list, etc,--you are more "opened" to these "notification" message and in fact it (notification) will continue to increased in time.

Simply look at it as a service provide by your ISP or anti-spam companies that scan and remove malicious code, virus, worms, etc., from infected messages and notifying you every time it is being does on your behalf--due to "spoofing, phising, email hijacked, spam zombie, spambot, etc." regardless of whether they were sent by you or not.

Otherwise, if they (ISP or anti-spam companies) were not doing this, you would be on your own to detect and remove these messages before you inadvertently opened one of the infected attachments accompanied and infect your computer.

In other words, you should be giving your ISP or anti-spam companies a "thumbs up!" for providing this important and desirable protection that protect you from all those malicious messages being returned to you.

A. Email can be spoofed by tweaking the settings on standard email client like; Eudora, Outlook Express, etc., and sending spoofed email by inserting someone else email address into the Mail FROM: or REPLY TO: fields

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