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How to check if your email domain is blacklisted?
Is your desktop or your ISPs mail server blacklisted?
Go to anyone of the following sites below and follow the site instructions for an immediate report.

If your email domain is on the blacklist
, any ISP mail server subscribing to those blacklists will automatically delete all your emails without any notifications and may not be returned to you as undeliverable.

Is your desktop PCs mail server or your ISPs mail server being blacklisted? Go to anyone of the following sites below and follow the site instructions for an immediate report...

How to check if your email domain is blacklisted?
Simply copy & paste address into your browser address bar...

You can monitor some of the most widely-used blacklist at MAPS Realtime Blackhole list or at

  • - Email blacklist check tool. Check your mail server's IP address and domain name against 200+ spam blacklists.
  • Blacklists Compared at
    Weekly reports of DNS blacklists lookups of IP addresses (and reverse DNS lookups) that made SMTP connections to the San Diego Supercomputer Center on that week. Useful for getting a grasp of the size of the various blacklists. Maintained by Jeff Makey.
  • is a free DNSBL query tool for system administrators.

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To check and see if your email domain is blacklisted; first, find the IP address of your e-mail server and do a Spam Database Lookup or to get your email domain removed from the blacklist?

Someone hijacked my email and was sending out hundreds of thousands of emails by forging my return email address. I contacted my ISP telling them that I am getting thousands of returned bad bounced emails every day.

"I found out from returned "undelivered" email that those address does not exist in my lists--in the first place, I have never sent them".

Affected owners of email domain being Spoofed or Phishing are complaining of having their account being suspended.

My ISP threaten to close down my email account unless I stopped doing it. I tried explaining to them that I wasn't the one sending them, the emails were actually being sent from a computer in China.

Finally, it was solved after speaking with their supervisor. He realized that I was not the guilty party, but he could do nothing to stop the bounces coming to me. Eventually, the problem went away when the perpetrator stopped forging my address.

A victim of false spam complaints, where to file a victim report?

How do I get my email domain removed from the blacklist?


To submit a complaint about a particular company to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission here:
or here...

To check on identity theft
and Internet scams, visit You can read about the latest threats making the rounds at 


In July 2003, AOL
instituted a new email filtering system to prevent spam email or spammers from spamming their mail server by filtering out or deleting without notification to the sender any email messages from any IP addresses or website that have sent more than 30 bounce...

30 undeliverable email to their mail server--it is an automated process with no human intervention and the blacklist remains permanent--until AOL is willing to modify the process.

The idea are that, spammers sending out their spam junk email by the thousands, therefore, they will have more than 30 bounce or undeliverable email.

Legitimate optin email marketers or ezine will be affected because when their AOL customers subscribe to their newsletters or ezine--by using an AOL email address or uses AOL free trial account to subscribe without renewing it, or switch to another ISPs and let the old AOL account expire and then subscribing to the ezine again with the new email address--without canceling their old subscription.


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