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About email hijack, spoof and Phishing - My eMail got hijacked and was black listed for spamming without me knowing it and my ISP terminate my email domain account

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About Email Hijack,
Spoof and Phishing

Where to file a report (fraudulent) business practices report. You are encourage to forward a copy of the spam to the "Federal Trade Commission (FTC)" at where it will be examined for possible fraudulent business practices or a victim of false spam complaints file a victim report


Hijacked emails is one way for identity theft to occur. How to set your mail client for auto alert when virus attempt to send to contacts from your address book?

Virus, spambot or spam zombies infected your Windows machine and turn it into a spam factory or your mail server got cracked and you are a spam source

What do you do with hoax or suspicious emails or phishing scams?

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If the email appears to be from PayPal, eBay, your bank, broker, ISP, telephone or electric company, Better Business Bureau, etc., asking for your confidential details, it's a scam. Reputable companies will never ask for your password.  Forward the email to the company in question; they will appreciate it.

To check on identity theft and Internet scams, visit You can read about the latest threats making the rounds at 

To submit a complaint about a particular company to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission here:

Can anyone help me?
I have tried support, but they only send a short note saying that I have spammed. They will not reply any further E-mails from me. I can't rectify my ways, if I don't know what I did. I have not used the e-mails for SPAMming. In fact I was SPAMmed with hundreds of E-mails daily from the day I opened the E-mail without even using this "NEW" E-mail address.

A. Whoever hijacked or spoofed your email address and used it as a "reply to: address" are victims of a new from of harassment in which fake or boogie messages was sent-out posing as the original owner of the email address by spoofing--usually done by dissatisfied or fired employees, competitors, pranksters, junk mailers, provocateurs or due to someone computer infected with "spam zombies or spambot" and your email address is in their address book.


I signed up for a couple of FREE E-mail
One of the "NEW" addresses immediately started filling up with hundreds of SPAM E-mails, as I had not even used it yet. The next day the free email address quit working. No warning. No advice. Nothing. I contacted the support guy, and all I rec'd was "deleted for spamming" and NO further explanation. Now they will not even reply my email.


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A rootkit is a program that is designed to hide itself and other programs, data, and/or activity including viruses, backdoors, keyloggers and spyware on a computer system.

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A. Time is of economic value
. if you are using a "free" email ISP's service--as far as they are concern--it is cheaper to terminate your account without notification on the assumption that you are spamming (and that you can always create another new account).


My email address is being used by some spammer as his reply-to address... and I'm getting tons of bounce-backs... and I'm afraid that my email address will be blacklisted.

A. Whoever hijacked or spoofed your email address and use it as a reply to: address--victims of these new from of harassment in which fake or boogie messages was sent-out posing as the original owner of the email address by spoofing--are usually done by dissatisfied or fired employees, competitors, pranksters, junk mailers, provocateurs or due to someone computer infected with spam zombies or spambot and your email address is in their address book.

Most mail server would have blocked your email domain by now (if not black listed) that's one of the reasons you are getting all those bounced email.

It is quite a lot of hassle for both party concern, since "time" is of high economic value and you contact the mail server admin--they in turn automate their respond--if they respond at all.

Get a NEW email domain to send outgoing mail with your OLD email as a Reply to:  .... and if your NEW email gets hijacked again, at least you get to know that someone out-there is having a grudge against you.


I got SpamCopped a couple weeks ago.
Interesting thing is, the email that was reported was a confirmation email. Probably it is the result of a Klez-infected machine, so the person reporting it may actually not have asked for the subscription.

A. Someone cracks your mail server, you're a spam source.

B. There's a virus/trojan that turns infected Windows machines into spam factories and you could be spamming right now without even knowing it... your computer maybe infected with the following virus/trojan.

Proxy-Guzu or Jeem Trojans that hijack ordinary PCs without the owner knowledge by installing built-in SMTP spam zombies Trojans to spam.

Klez virus, for example, select random email address from an infected PCs and insert the email address into the "From:" and "To:" fields, making it appear that someone else has sent the message.

W32.Yaha.P@mm worm/virus that email itself to all of the contacts in your Windows Address Book, MSN Messenger, .NET Messenger, Yahoo Pager, and in all the files whose extensions contain the letters HT.

The email message sent-out contains a randomly chosen subject line, message, and attachment. The virus also attempts to terminate antivirus and firewall processes, and then does a mass mailing. It does modify your registry, and if successful makes you vulnerable to others trying to access your computer.

Basically, a virus infects another file (it is attached to or inserts itself into it). Virus usually infect documents and damage program files, and can replicate itself.

Do not function as a stand alone, generally doesn't infect other files (although it can replace them) and usually spread by copying themselves via email, disks, etc. They are almost like virus and does the same kind of damages.

Usually disguise as a harmless screen saver or utility program. They don't copy or email themselves and rely on people to run or pass them around.

How to be notified automatically?

Continue page 2 This is one of the ways you can get your mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.) to notify you automatically whenever a worm or virus tries to sent out email from your address book.


Quote: Most people are familiar with freeware, shareware, cookies, media players, interactive content, and file sharing. What they may not realize is that some of them contain code or components that allow the developers of these applications and tools to actually collect and disseminate information about those using them.

They can track your surfing habits, abuse your internet connection by sending this data to a third party, profile you shopping preferences, hijack your browser start page or pages, alter important system files, and can do this without your knowledge or permission. The security and privacy implications of these exploits should be quite obvious and undesirable on any system or network. End quote