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Mail Servers FAQs - If you are using your own desk-top PC mail server program to send emails, the most common problems for undeliverable mails are identified below here, please go through them carefully and it will solve most of your problems.
  Most common reason for undeliverable mails
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If there are no MX records?

About MX or Mail Exchangers

MX or Mail Exchangers are database records (registered domains in the "server identity" bank) particulars of domain names of mail server running with SMTP responsible for a domain or a block of domains.

SMTP servers (including your mail server) works like this:


When the mail server received an email for the mail server check and sees if is a domain that is served by it and then, delivers the email to the mailbox for

Notes: Mail server received--refers to the recipient mail server when you send-out an email and refers to your mail server when someone sends you an email.

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If is not served by this particular mail server (ISPs usually have more than one mail servers running) then the mail server looks for MX records

If there are no MX records for it, the mail server will attempt to deliver the email directly to the computer at (if the mail server is up and running) will accept the email--if there are MX records the mail server will attempt to deliver emails to the mail server pointed by the MX record.

Normally, to send and receive mails, you do not need to have an email domain with MX records because your email domain name will be pointing directly to your (if it is up and running) mail server.

If you are having problems getting or sending mails, or because some ISPs, to prevent unsolicited (spam) bulk emails--See: Email Filtering--may blocked or delete your mails from being delivered to intended recipients within their domain.

If that is the case, you will have to contact your ISP (managing your DNS block of IP domains) which your email domain belongs to and ask them to keep an MX record that point to your mail server computer.

Problems with sending emails to some mail servers that refused to accept your mails without MX record

Normally, mails are sent to a specific email address domain mail server and if your mail server program have an option for "Force Delivery or Aggressive Verification"--then;

It should be able to detect (in real-time) a few others different available MX records mail servers within the recipient ISPs and will attempt to deliver mails to them. Meaning that; your mail server program should detect all MX records addresses obtained from your recipients ISP block of DNS server domain and attempt to deliver mails to all of them.


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If your emails are blocked and can't be delivered to some of your recipients ISPs, options available are; Ask your ISP to keep MX record pointing to your mail server computer or to use email domains that have registered MX record addresses (registered domains in the "server identity" bank).

For a list of Internet Service Providers with MX record that you can sign up:


Many ISPs mail server, ie: AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Juno, etc. uses technique to prevent unsolicited bulk emails (SPAM) from getting to their users.

An example: blocking port 25 because all mails sent via the Internet is routed through it. Because it is the standard communication SMTP channel used for communication between a mail client (ie: Eudora, Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and a mail server.

SMTP - Simple Mail Transport Protocol are used for sending and receiving email messages. It is a protocol governing email transmission and reception. see: How Email Works? and How does my email gets to the recipients?

When a mail server ie: initiates a session with a HELO command, the receiving mail server performs a reverse nslookup of: and check if the sender mail server domain has MX records.

If there are no MX records for the receiving mail server will terminate the connection after the initial HELO command (or delete it after accepting)... Continue next page ...Problems with sending emails to some mail serversthat refused to accept your mails without MX record

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