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Without a valid IP address of your computer, mail server will send the 550 access denied error to the email client...   

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PostCast Server is an SMTP mail server program that completely replaces your ISP's SMTP server.

By making one small change in your e-mail program, you can start sending messages directly from your computer.


Download your PostCast Mail Server program Supported operating systems
Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008, Windows 2000
Windows NT 4.0 SP3+, Windows Millennium Edition
Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 98, 95

Minimum 512 MB RAM, about 60 megabytes of hard drive space, working connection to the Internet.

The PostCAst PC stand alone mail server program have been tested to broadcast up to 15,000 emails per hour (5 kb text email messages with a 56.6 dial-up line) or more than 15,000 with DSL/ADSL connection from your PC without having to go through any restrictions imposed by your ISP mail server.  
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Setting up your PostCast mail
server program will only take minutes....

This is how to do it...

>Start-up postcast, >click tools, >settings >System Tab and
"tick/check"--Manually (this way; manually, you need to press PostCast Start Button every time you want PostCast to send emails and when PostCast is done with sending--it will auto stop and you will need to press the "Start button" again if you want it to send again. OK, done, just leave everything else at default.

How does it work?
Basically, your email Mailsbroadcast freeware program will deliver email messages to the PostCast mail server program within your PC and when you click....

The PostCast "Start" button (you need to be online--will work with a dial-up account or broadband always -on account), all your emails will be sent directly from PostCast to your recipients ISP mail-server mailbox thereby bypassing your ISP mail server as well as any limitations imposed by them--it simply means that your PC is the mail server.

Notes: You will notice that some emails in the PostCast will remain undelivered--it is due to various reasons like; invalid email address (dead email address) or the mail server is busy (timeouts or Server-time-out), errors like 550 etc., see SMTP return codes error

It is quite normal and you may need to click PostCast Start button again to try delivering them again or configure PostCast to run automatically and it will try to deliver them over a 24 hours time frame making at least 20 attempts before considering any unsent emails as dead ones.  

You will notice that some email address will always be rejected by some ISP mail servers for example; hotmail. To send emails to those ISP mail servers... read more  


How does your email gets to the recipient?
See: How Email Works or Basic Email Delivery

How to send mail from your MailsBroadcast
email program to the "PostCast" program?


After installing your PostCast mailserver freeware, this is how you setup your "MailsBroadcast" program to send email message from your PCs and by-pass your ISPs mail server.


Step 1
Start-up the PostCast program... then: Start-up your Mailsbroadcast program.... and
at the
Broadcast Manager menu select...

Create a Broadcast Delivery Account and B. Enter a name
Any name, this name is for your reference purpose only, it has no relationship nor any technical effect to the sending of emails and that your email recipients will not get to see this name.



C. From: enter a valid email address - this is the email address that your message will be returned (bounced) to, in the even that your message is unable to be delivered i.e. recipient mailbox full, etc.

Important: Most ISP will not allow you to send email using an email address from an ISP-1 account and then login using another ISP-2 account. You need to use an email address from ISP-1 together with an ISP-1 login account to broadcast your email.

D. Reply To: enter a valid email address - any valid email address, this is the address that the recipient to your broadcast message shall reply to when they click "reply".

E. Enter the name of your outgoing SMTP mail server
You may enter localhost or

F. Requires authentication - Do not check/tick this box
User Name: and Password: is not required because you will be broadcasting your email messages directly to your recipients mail servers mailbox and bypassing your own ISP mail server.


G. Tick/check the box send with no time delay

OK, you are done with the setup of your mailsbroadcast program delivery account.

Step 2
At the Broadcast Manager Menu

Select and click on "Broadcast Manager" to display the "Broadcast Manager" dialog box.

Point your mouse at the "Email List" bar and right click to "Add a list for broadcasting".

Point your mouse at "Message" bar and right click to "Add a message for broadcasting" and select a broadcast delivery account and click the "Back Button".

Your prepared message will be displayed and you may fill in any thing you wish at the; From: To: and Subject: line
Click OK

You are all set to start broadcasting your email message...
(a) Make sure your PostCast mail server program is running

(b) Point your mouse at the message bar and Right Click, select "Send this message"....

(c) A broadcast dialog box will be displayed...
click "SEND" and your message will be delivered to the PostCast mailserver program...

Go to your PostCast program and click on the "Send" button....
all your message will be delivered directly to all the email addresses recipients ISP mail server mailbox. For it to work, make sure you are connected to the internet (will work on a dial-up or any online account).

Next Page 2 Benefits of using a PCs mail server By using your PCs as a mail server, you can send unlimited email messages without restrictions--because most ISPs limit user access to their mail server by time or the quantity of emails that can be sent.

PostCast mail server notes: You will notice that some email address in your PostCast program will always be rejected by some ISP mail servers for example; hotmail.

To send emails to ISP mail servers that barred your PostCast program from sending to them... you will need to tweak PostCast by going to >"Settings", >Advance Tab, >Server identity for HELO handshaking command...

"Settings button", Tick/check Use this identification: what's this?? it is the IP address of your ISP mail server for hotmail to identify that the email message sent is coming from your ISP mail server instead of from your PC IP .... Continue on Page 2


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