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What are the reason for some of my email
recipients not getting my email messages

After broadcasting
your emails, your ISPs mail server will collects and put them in queue (store them) for delivery to your recipients mailbox via your ISPs mail server for retrieval by your recipients.

Another reason are that in many countries, local legislation requires ISPs service operator to grant security service access to the users correspondence--so, your emails are probably stored in your ISPs


system for some time before being delivered.

Emails in queue at your ISPs mail server usually takes just a few seconds to be delivered--if it is not overloaded or hours if the network is down or the recipients mail server does not want to accept your email like; busy or mailbox full, etc.


Many ISPs mail
servers (or your ISP mail server) are programmed to make multiple attempt delivery of undelivered email, some up-to 250 times--within hours or days, before bouncing them back to you as undeliverable.



Using your PCs
as a mail server can speed-up the email delivery process because emails are sent directly to the recipient
mailbox via their ISPs mail server and not through your ISP mail server.
PC Mail Server and Mail Server FAQs

MailBox?  Each mailbox is assigned a unique address like this example: character string which identifies the user to whom the mail is to be sent. See: What is an IP address or email domain address?

Mailboxes normally reside on mail servers that are always connected to the Internet and emails are retrieved by the user mail client like MS Outlook, Eudora, etc., from the remote mail servers using (POP3) Post Office Protocol.

How does my email gets to the recipient? see: How Email Works?
And Basic Email Delivery

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