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Freeware SMTP Relay Checker tools available just Google "SMTP Relay Check Tools" to probe if the SMTP mail server allows relaying of emails.   

How do I "relay" my emails via third party mail server?

To send emails via a third part mail server (open relay), you must first check and see if that SMTP mail server allows it--by using a mail server SMTP Relay Check tool (You can Google SMTP Relay Checker tools) to probe whether the SMTP mail server is insecure (therefore allowing anyone to use it as an open relay for relaying emails.


Assuming that the mail server is not secured (open relay), you can never be sure whether it will really accept relayed emails or not because they could be accepted but were (dumped) discarded instead without your knowledge and the only way to be sure is to relay an email back to yourself.


Open relays
are easily detected by ISP mail serves filtering the
BCC: field, which is the most favored method used by spammers to send hundreds (millions) of thousands emails with just one email message--otherwise they will have to send each email one by one,
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addressing each recipient by the To: field and having to maintain their own expensive high speed mail servers that would limit their spamming activities.

SMTP Relay Checker probe tools--freeware available from -- usually trigger an intruder alarm that will alert the IT system administrator of a hacker probing (which is illegal). Your IP Address, date and time of probe will all be automatically recorded and you can be subject to law suits.

It doesn't matter whether you are trying to be nice to the mail server administrator by telling them that their mail server are open relay after you have "probe" them, it is still illegal to do it but if you really want to probe--it is best to seek written permission first.

Otherwise it's best not to probe anyone's mail server without permission.

SMTP - Simple Mail Transport Protocol are used for sending and receiving email messages. It is a protocol governing email transmission and reception.

Email servers uses a variety of protocols to communicate with the Internet and SMTP, POP3 (Post Office Protocol) are for sending and retrieving mails from a mail server.

POP3 - Post Office Protocol Version 3 rfc1939 used for delivering messages to (client) mail readers (fetch mails from a remote mail server and store it locally). How email works
If you are using your own mail server program...
Mail Server FAQs



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