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HTML formatted email don't contain Text and some mail server automatically delete anything without text in the body of the email so as to prevent virus, etc. from infecting their staff PCs  

Is it better to send
HTML email or plain TEXT?

HTML emails are ideal if you are sure that your recipients can view them because it can display the email message exactly the way it looks like on a web page or website.

The advantages are: Tracking recipients click through rate,


interactive hyper links, pop-up windows, embedded sound, movies clips, images and survey forms, etc.

Disadvantages; to prevent virus from spreading many recipients or corporations system disperse email as text only or

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constrained by policy to to disperse HTML emails as text message. Some version of email client are configured to read your HTML emails as text only and your HTML email message will be displayed like goobelygook. See: HTML or TEXT

HTML formatted email don't contain Text therefore, some ISPs automatically delete anything without text in the body of the email. Note: Delete without bouncing them back to you, hence, you won't know if it was received or not.

HTML stands for hypertext markup language, created specifically for the World Wide Web and consists of commands inserted in the text of a document to tell the web browser what typefaces to use and display it on the screen as a webpage. See: HTML or TEXT

Although HTML was originally designed for web browsers, the same technology are also incorporated into email programs like; MS Outlook Express, Gmail, Yahoo or Eudora and when they are HTML enabled--anyone can email an entire webpage to you and it will display exactly the way it looks like on the web. You can also click on a link in the page to launch your web browser and go directly to that site (while you are online).

Rich Text Format (RTF) is a standard formalized and developed by Microsoft Corporation for specifying formatting of documents. RTF files are actually ASCII files with special commands to indicate formatting information, such as fonts and margins etc.

RTF file format enables you to save text files with an .rtf file name suffix, in your word processor with formatting, font information, text color, and some page layout information intact and intended for exchange among all kinds of word processors with different operating systems.

ASCII is a standard developed by the American National Standards Institute ANSI to define how computers write and read characters--used by most operating systems, but not by Windows NT.




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