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Mail Daemon is a software program residing inside standard mail server to manage incoming and outgoing emails. Daemons programs like ftp daemons manage "file transfer" or HTTP Daemons that manage request for web pages on a web server...   

What are mail "Daemon"?

The exchange of email using TCP/IP are performed by MTA - (Message Transfer Agent) that defines how email message are transmitted between two users. See: How Email Works

Mail Daemon are software program residing inside (as a proxy) standard mail server to


manage incoming and outgoing emails.

How does the mail Daemon program work?
When you send an email to ie:
myfriends @

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1. Your email software: HELO my ISP mail server, I am sending you an email, it is to

2. Your ISPs mail Daemon: OK, OK! You can leave it to me. HELO mail server!! Are you there?

3. mail Daemon: Yes! What have you got for me?

4. Your ISPs mail Daemon: It's a mail for Do you have myfriends there?

5. mail Daemon: Hang on.... No! myfriends not here.

6. Your ISPs mail Daemon: OK, QUIT

7. Your ISPs mail Daemon return a copy of the bounced mail from mail Daemon to you, together with the undeliverable error message with an email address that may looks like this:

Notes: There are also various other Daemons programs like; ftp daemons that manage "file transfer" or HTTP daemons that manage request for web pages on a web server.

FTP - File Transfer Protocolare software programs that let users transfer files across the Internet (upload or download files).

The most common ways to access a FTP is through a "browser", an FTP program or by issuing FTP commands at a text-based command prompt.

HTTP or Hyper Text Transport Protocol. URL is entered into a browser--it asks DNS for the IP Address using the IP name in the URL, makes a TCP connection to Port 80 of a remote host specified
by the IP address, connect to the web server, send a GET command and the web server sends the webpage, the browser close the TCP connection and displays the webpage.






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