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Dial-up users IP address, although always different, each time they connect into the Internet--can be easily traced.


Can I be traced if I use my PCs to broadcast email messages?

Every email sent will have a point at which it was injected into the information stream.

Emails are always generated from a real computer from which it was sent and can be traced by looking at the message header or by using various tracking tools, for example: "trace route".


Dial-up users
IP address, although always different, each time they login into the Internet via their ISPs account--can be easily traced, because sending
email directly from a PCs (dial-up or permanent IP) will only show one sender and receive line in the message header.

Meaning that; your ISP will have a login/logout unique end-user logs file of that particular unique account holder--Exact TIME, DAY, DATE, DURATION, PHONE number and LOCATION used, to broadcast emails. See Deciphering Fake Email

Example of a standard email header sent from a PCs...

Received: from oemcomputer ( [])

by (iPlanet Messaging Server 5.1 HotFix 0.6

(built Apr 26 2002)) with SMTP id <>

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oemcomputer <This is the name the sender used in the mail server SMTP HELO connect command (sender allowed to use any name).


<This is the reverse-DNS lookup of the sender IP

<address and cannot be faked


<This is host that added the Received line and cannot be faked

nslookup a DNS whois tool that perform forward and reverse DNS queries for the current domain address (to get an IP address of a hostname and hostname of the IP address).

Freeware from
a tool to contact network registries to find out contact information for the current domain or IP address.

Traceroute tool, finds the route packets take between you and the selected address.

Dig tool, requests all the DNS records for a host or domain

For more information,
see Email FAQs Glossary
Part -2 Page 2

Mail readers, Mailbox, User Agent,
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
NAT Network Address Translation
MAC Media Access Control MAC Address
MTA Message Transfer Agent
Traceroute tool - finds the route packets
Finger program for retrieving Internet user info
Dig tool requests all DNS records for a host/domain
SMTP Relay Verify (checking) tool
Ping Packets Internet Groper
Whois a tool to contact network
nslookup a DNS whois tool that perform forward/reverse DNS queries for a domain
Telnet - A program that allows a user to remotely login
Throughput, MaxMtu, UART, RWIN, MSS,
TTL-Time To Live
ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol
RFC - Request For Comments
SMTP - Simple Mail Transport Protocol
SMTP return error codes lists
Winsock Error Codes
Port Numbers, Router, Server-time-out,
Mail Host, Mail server, Email gateway
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
UDP - User Datagram Protocol

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