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I send out one email but my
recipients are getting two instead?


My customer received
one email from me and it appears to be normal but the 2nd email contains an attachment.

The most likely cause are due to that some sort of Virus, Trojan or Bugs--program residing in your computer and using your current email client; i.e. MS Outlook or Eudora to send message without you being aware of it while you were online (connected to the Internet).


Proxy-Guzu or Jeem Trojans, that hijack an ordinary PCs without the owner knowledge by installing built-in SMTP spam zombies Trojans to spam.

The Klez virus, for example, chooses a random email address for the "From:" and "To:" fields, making it appear that someone else has sent the message.

The W32.Yaha.P@mm virus which is a worm that email itself to all of the contacts in your Windows Address Book, MSN Messenger, .NET Messenger, Yahoo Pager, and in all the files whose extensions contain the letters HT.

The email message sent-out contains a randomly chosen subject line, message, and attachment. The virus also attempts to terminate antivirus and firewall processes, and then does a mass mailing.  It does modify your registry, and if successful makes you vulnerable to others trying to access your computer.
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How do I track my email
recipients click or view through rate?

By creating a HTML formatted email (webpage) message and embed tracker PHP, Java, CGI or Perl scripts. Therefore, when your recipients read or view the email (while they are viewing your email on-line but not very effective if they are having a dial-up account or they have turned-off online viewing to prevent virus infecting their machine.

Or if their system administrator blocked all HTML messages or that they are using a spam filter to view your message in the mail server before downloading it or if it is downloaded--their spam filter block any embedded scripts from accessing the internet), they will be tracked by their IP address and data collected.

Usually the best and least intrusive method of tracking email "view through" rate is to entice the them with "freebies" by asking them to visit a specially created site to track their visit via a visitor counter or alternatively track them through your site statistic provided by most website hosting ISPs.

See: Email Tracking

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email message with auto POP-up


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How to email message with auto POP-up
windows that direct recipients to my website?

For your email recipients to be automatically directed to a specified website and open the browser at the same time, you only need to embed a few lines of command codes into the HTML formatted email, between the <body Tag of your HTML formatted message.

<BODY onload="'',

For POP-up windows only when user click on a link
See: POP-up windows

Other Resources for Pop-Up Windows

If you've tried to find the right JavaScript code to open and manipulate pop-ups, look no further. Some of the tutorials included will help even novices begin to understand how JavaScript works to make web pages more functional

How to Use Pop-Up Windows Effectively and Responsibly

Pop-ups can be extremely annoying. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't use them. Here is an article that describe the marketing importance of two kinds of pop-ups:
small windows that open when your customer clicks on a hyperlink, and...
small windows that open automatically when a visitor comes to your website. Each has its own marketing value and rules for use....

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embedded graphics into my email

How do I embedded graphics into my email message to download while the recipient is viewing it?

The first step is to create a file, folder, webpage or site in your web server to store your images. Then create your HTML email message as usual images and embed commands into each image to be downloaded from your web server.

Embed command like this: into the image (where the images are stored). See: Embed html email

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How do I prevent my email recipient "Status Bar"  not to display any mouse-over information?


To prevent your recipients email client "Status Bar" from displaying any information with mouse is moved over any hyperlinks in the message. You only need to insert a few lines of codes between the <body Tag of your HTML formatted message.


<BODY oncontextmenu="return false" onselectstart="return false" ondragstart="return false"onmouseover="window. status=''; return true"onload="open('http://')">

Here is another simple "javascript" that can be used, place the following code into your page head.

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
<!--function stat_write(yourtexthere)

Here is another example:

<a href-"http://www.yourwebsite URL" onMouseover="stat_write ("http://www.anywebsite");return true;" onMouseout="stat_write(");return true;">purchase</a>

More info on how to embed non display status bar info.
Embed html email

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unsubscribed can't locate database


Customers are complaining about receiving mails and would like to unsubscribed, but I can't locate their database?


Many people set-up a few separate email account for eZines (usually to prevent spamming by closing the account if they gets too many spam) and forgot which email account they have used...


Or they may be using a few free email account
that automatically forward it to their main mail address. And they forgot about the forwarding setup and try to unsubscribe using their main mail address.

So, it is quite difficult to locate their database for deleting unless they cooperate by providing you with sufficient information.

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