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The advantage of list brokers is that they work for you rather than for the list owners and you can trust them to help you find exactly what you need from various lists...   

Where can I find, buy or rent specific targeted email lists?

Our recommendation are that, instead of looking for list owners, it would be better to contact a list broker. Because list brokers like and many others, receive 10% to 15% commission paid-out by list owners and not by the "advertiser" pushing their lists.


List brokers
can be trusted to help you find exactly what you want from various list owners; after all it is to their advantage to help you make as much sales as possible.

Are there companies that can provide
email addresses from a "snail" mail lists?

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Yes, you can find companies that provide such services and can be found by using any search engine at: "Google or Yahoo" by keying in "email appending".  
Email appending companies usually charge between 25 to 75 cents depending on the size of your lists--by matching your "snail" mail address with lists of individuals that have opted-in to receive email.  

Alternatively, it is cheaper
, between 10 to 30 cents to rent the opt-in list for a one-time mailing only (you don't get to see the email addresses).

Sites that rent opt-in or targeted lists:



Do you provide email
database list for sale or rental?

We don't have permission from our customers to rent or sell their email addressed to a third party. However, there are "list brokers" where you can rent or purchase third party lists (see below rent or buy lists).

Do you provide email
broadcasting or mailing services?

We don't have permission from our customers to rent-out or to send them third party promotional materials. We also don't provide emailing or broadcasting services for customers using their own list.












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I recommend it.

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