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Spammers are know to use software that generate random email addresses for spamming and don't bother to remove bounced or undelivered mails.  

How do I manage and clean/remove bounced or undelivered emails?

Bounced or undeliverable emails are usually due to various factors like; mailbox full, mail server down, blocked, network busy, unavailable, etc.

Bounced or undeliverable emails does not necessarily means that they are no-good or


invalid. Therefore, you should wait for at least a few bounced or undeliverable before deleting them. See Maintaining email list


Currently, there is no standard mechanism for mail system reporting bounced mail errors, except for the limited codes consisting of three numbers offered by SMTP with specific text descriptions sent in mail messages--resulting in a large verity of MIME delivery rfc822 status report format. See: Smtp return codes error

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Because of its limitations, the majority of each code delivery report may indicate several other error conditions as well as different mail server using their own text description like; 550 Requested actions not taken. Not a gateway.  
Relaying prohibited, not local host. This address not allowed. Mailbox unavailable, etc. Usually refers to HB or SB (hard or soft bounce)--are absolutely inaccurate.

HB or SB 501, 502, 503 etc.

Indicates non-existing users or mailbox full, busy, down, network busy, etc.--are totally inaccurate because recipients mail servers or email clients filtering device can bounce and stimulate non-existing recipients as well as includes other error conditions.  

Filtering programs are also available for users to auto delete and return mails as undeliverable (stimulated) as HB, therefore, bounced mails may not necessarily means that recipients are non-existence.

These powerful programs also allows *wildcard filtering for the: Subject line, TO, FROM, email domain and message body, available free-to-try from


If you are using your own mail server program and seems to be getting a lot undeliverable or bounced mails--which can usually be avoided...
Mail Server FAQs

Is it necessary to clean up my list of undelivered (bounced) emails?

Maintaining a clean list is important and it is necessary to remove undelivered (bounced) emails from your database,


because many ISP mail servers have been known to block a sender email domain for repeatedly sending emails to non-existing domain address within their mail server.


Spammers are know to use software that generate random email addresses for spamming and don't bother to remove bounced or undelivered mails, hence, ISPs assumed that the sender is trying to spam--which may result in having your email domain blocked or blacklisted by ISP's.

It is quite problematic to resolve the matter (block/blacklist) and the only remaining choice is to register a new email domain or use another email domain to broadcast your mails... See: Blacklist

For more info about bounced mail...
Manage, clean bounced and undelivered emails?

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