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ISP's mail servers filters blocked or delete mails from email domains that repeatedly send email to non-existing recipients within their domain...  
My clients email are valid, yet they didn't receive my mails?

HTML formatted email don't contain Text and some ISPs automatically filter and delete anything without text in the body of the email. Many ISPs also filters and delete emails when the TO address is different from the actual recipient address (considered as spam). See: Blacklist

Huge amount of money and efforts are expended by AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. to intercept junk e-mail (spam) reaching their users and their mail server filters are know to delete email messages with subject lines like: Make money, $$$, FREE, XXX, HomeBase, etc. See: Email Filtering

Many ISP's mail servers are known to blocked or delete emails from some sender email domain due to sending emails repeatedly to non-existing recipients within their domain. Spammers are know to use software that generate random email addresses for spamming and don't bother to remove bounced or undelivered mails, hence, ISPs assumed that the sender is trying to spam. See: Email Rage

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Visit Spam Assassin for the point system guideline that determined, if your newsletter meets "standard" imposed by many ISPs mail filters.  
Notes: Automatically filter and delete--not bounced, hence, you won't know if your message actually went to the intended recipient. Email message containing certain words and/or exceeding certain size--that  

matches ISPs filters are considered spam and are deleted without notifications or SMTP mail error messages. See SMTP Return Error Codes

If you are using your own mail server program and your mails got bounced/undeliverable. See: Mail Server FAQs

Keep in mind that many email program like Eudora, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Outlook express being used to receive messages by default don't usually display the information you have keyed into your email program "User Information" Name: field

Many recipients email program will usually display your
"Mail Account" field information at their FROM field (unless they have set their email program to display all headers).

Note:  Below "General information" picture are from MS Outlook, Outlook Express and can be pulled-up by going to >Tools, >Accounts, >Properties

Remember this, various email programs may call below MS Outlook "Mail Account" by a different name-- the best solution is that after creating your message, send it back to yourself to ensure that you have selected the correct field and have input the desired text information.

You also have to make sure
that you are not sending with a typical spam like looking email address like this: it is as good as telling the recipient or the spam filters "you can delete this mail".

The Mail Account field are the information that will appear in your recipient email program "From" field--so enter relevant  info that entice your recipient to read your message.  

There are no restrictions on what sort of text information you can enter into the
"Mail Account" field, you may use an email address that's different from the "User information" E-mail address: field or Reply address: field

You may even use a different email address at the "Reply address:" field if you want the recipient to reply to that email address instead of the "E-mail address:" that was used to send the message in the first place.



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