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Email addresses we owned, does not gives us permission to send promotional services. Can we email them if we include an opt-out clause?

Spam is an act of intrusion it means sending unsolicited email messages.

If my email meet certain criteria, are they considered spam?

The State of Utah (USA) recently passed legislation requiring that all email advertisements meet certain criteria--emails must have the text ADV as the first three letters in the subject field of their email.

You must use a valid email


address (not a fake or forged) and must provide a way to opt-out for anyone that do not wish to receive email from that sender--violating stipulated rules will subjected to significant and deterrent fines imposed by the state of Utah.


Can it be considered spam if
I broadcast targeted email messages?

Assuming that I am in the real estate business and send only email messages to targeted potential house buyers, with an opt-out clause at the end of the message? Can it be considered spam? See (below) Opt-Out

Opt-Out - Email addresses that we owned, did not give us permission to send newsletters or promotional services via email. Can we email them if we include an opt-out clause? See: Meaning of spam

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If the email address list belongs to your company and represent customers that you already has a relationship. It would be appropriate and prudent to ask for permission to send email promotion from time-to-time.
If the email address list were purchased CD with millions of emails or extracted from the Internet using software--this is where many companies or individuals get themselves into trouble, because--spam is an act of intrusion--it means sending unsolicited email messages.  

opt-in and
opt-out approaches.

Opt-in means, to ask your customers to take a specific action and to give permission--this is recommended, because it demonstrates respect for your customers.

Why not try it this way?
Send your customers an email with a $20 special offer discount coupon or an ebook valued at $20 for their next purchase--if

they sign-up to receive occasional promotional offers. Together with this incentive, assure them that you won't rent, sell, or hire their email to a third party.



Those that didn't respond or take-up your offers on the first mailings--offer another incentive that don't required money or to purchase something, because people may not respond to offers that required them to spend money.

Opt-out if they don't opt-in after two incentives, it is most likely that they won't respond--send a third message and ask them, if they wish to have their email deleted from your database--so that they won't receive further email offers.




It is most likely that many will not take any actions. Do not construe that lack of actions  means you have permission to send more emails.
Email Rage

From here on, ask each new customer for their email address and permission to send occasional emails. This way you will be accumulating an opt-in list.

To prevent your emails from being filtered and deleted, it is

important to avoid using the wrong subject header or text in the message body, ie: $$$, FREE, XXX, Home-Base, etc. for a list of text to avoid. See: Email Filtering

Keep in mind that many email program like Eudora, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Outlook express being used to receive messages by default don't usually display the information you have keyed into your email program "User Information" Name: field


Many recipients email program will usually display your "Mail Account" field information at their FROM field (unlessthey have set their email program to display all headers).

You also have to make sure that you are not

sending with a typical spam like looking email address like this: it is as good as telling the recipient or the spam filters "you can delete this mail".

The Mail Account field are the information that will appear in your recipient email program "From" field--so enter relevant  info that entice your recipient to read your message.

Various email programs may called the "Mail Account" by various name--so the best solution is that after creating your message, send it back to yourself to ensure that you have selected the correct field information.

Note: There are no restrictions on what sort of text information you can enter into the "Mail Account" field, you may use an email address that's different from the "User information" E-mail address: field or Reply address: field

You may even use a different email address at the "Reply address:" field if you want the recipient to reply to that email address instead of the "E-mail address:" that was used to send the message in the first place.

Note:  The above "General information" picture are from MS Outlook, Outlook Express and can be pulled-up by going to >Tools, >Accounts, >Properties

Remember this, various email programs may call the above MS Outlook "Mail Account" by a different name-- the best solution is that after creating your message, send it back to yourself to ensure that you have selected the correct field and input the information text desired.




























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