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56K, ISDN 64/128kbps, DSL 256/512Kbps, ADSL
12/480Mbps, Network
T1 (1.544Mbps) Cable, does not
mean that you can have the same up-load speed.

Why is the speed of broadcasting my emails not consistent?

Inconsistent mailing speed are due to various factors from line (static's), Internet peak-hour congestion, throughput, sender or ISP mail server busy, using of non dedicated mail server, sharing of mail server with other functions/users, wireless Wifi signal blocked by brick wall, etc.

Sender mail server program used (single thread) or multi-thread for Extended SMTP (ESTMP) mail server, server microprocessor capability/capacity and how many companies or users sharing the same network/cable Internet connection, etc. are just some of the contributing factors to inconsistent emailing speed.

You can PING the mail servers or if you are using your own mail server PING the Internet to determine connection throughput.

Throughput/bandwidth? Are the outgoing and incoming datagram Bits-Bytes between your computer, ISP connection and the Internet network.

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What is the speed or how many emails
can be broadcasted per hour?
MailsBroadcast send emails continuously in groups of 50 (default setting) or depending on your settings to your ISP mail server or to your mail server program for delivery--as fast as they can cache them for distribution.  

Therefore, the speed of sending emails will be affected by some of these factors:

(a) You connection speed -- ie: 56.6 dial-up, 64/128 ISDN 256/512 DSL/ADSL, Cable connection, etc.


(b) The upload speed
allow by your ISPs, you may be connected at 512 with an ADSL line but your ISP may not allowed you to upload at that speed.

(c) The Internet throughput--meaning that just like peak hour traffic, the highway maybe having 8 lanes but all the cars are going in the same direction and traffic simply slowed down to a crawl.

(d) Your ISP mail server--under maintenance, busy peak hour, etc.

Broadcasting speed varies greatly from one extreme to another--it depends on your connection throughput from a 28.8 dial-up, ISDN or ADSL, Internet and mail server throughput and file size of the TEXT or HTML message is being sent.

Broadcasting speed tested under ideal condition with a 56.6 dial-up line may send above 850 TEXT messages (5 Kb file size) and more than 420 HTML messages (25 Kb file size) was

"clocked" being delivered to an ISP mail server. And above 9,000 TEXT messages (5 Kb file size) and more than 5,000 HTML messages (25 Kb file size) was "clocked" being delivered to an ISP mail server with a 64 Kbps ISDN connection.


A 512 kbps broadband connection does not mean having access to the same up-load speed to the mail server, even with a hi-speed cable connection--throughput--depends on how many machine are connected to it within your neighborhood. ISPs may also limit your access to their mail server by time or quantity of mails sent.

DSL, ADSL, Network or Cable connections are also subject to the same throughput, up-load speed, congestion problem or number of users/companies connected at the same time during peak hours and sharing the same cable Network.


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Different ISP provide different up-load and download speed--meaning that having a 56K V90/V92, ISDN 64/128kbps, DSL 256/512Kbps, ADSL 12/480Mbps, Network T1 (1.544Mbps)

Cable etc., could represent only the download speed and up-load speed could be 20-50% lower, check it out with your ISPs.

If you are using your own mail server, it depends on whether it is a Dedicated Mail Server, shared with others, perform


other functions, optimal maintenance, the mail server program used (single or multi threads), speed of microprocessor and Internet connection, type of connection, etc. are all contributing factors that affect speed of mailing.

For more info about speed of broadcasting email.
Email Speed  Speedup  MaxMtu

MaxMtu - Maximum Transmission Unit is the default packet Windows uses to negotiate when a connection is opened between two computers, they must agree on an MTU by comparing MTU and selecting the smaller of the two.

If it is set too large for routers, it is then fragmented into packet size and can take double the amount of time it takes to send a single packet.  
UART - Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter Data flow between the serial port and the modem is governed by a UART chip, which can contain no data buffers, single-byte data buffers or 16-byte data buffers. All data flows between the serial port and the modem via the UART  


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