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HTML emails are ideal if your recipients can read
them. Not everybody likes HTML mails and not
everyone uses an email client that can display HTML
Why is it that some of my customers can't read my HTML message?

Most people choose rich-text enabled mail clients, but to prevent virus from spreading, many company system delivers email as text only and/or constrained by policy to to disperse HTML email as text message, hence, your HTML email will look like goobegook.

Some version of Lotus Notes can't read HTML either or when system administrators set their software program and/or mail server to accept and deliver only plain-text email.
Many company mail server are not HTML enabled or may be using non HTML proprietary compliant, non POP3 compliant program or perhaps to prevent email virus, spam, etc. from infecting their users computers. For more info about HTML or plain TEXT email... See: HTML or TEXT

Windows Me are known to have a bit of conflict with the older version of AOL 7.0 - therefore, AOL users that wants to be able to view HTML emails from other sources sent from outside of AOL will need to install the latest AOL 7.0 and not the early released 7.0 version.


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