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How to embed tracking codes' into your email?
Codes for faster mailing, popup windows, etc?
Embed tracker bugs to gather email recipients info?

Embedding tracking codes, invisible counters...

Cookies, spy-wares, etc. into HTML email messages to monitor and track recipients click through rate, email client, browser, country, etc. -- is a popular method used by many emailers --usually without the recipient consent.

How to embed your HTML email with tracker code?

The first step is to sign-up for a few free counter trackers (see below listings of free tracker and counters). Different tracker for tracking different email message, you can rotate and reuse the same tracker for different weekly newsletter.

When you sign-up, you will be given some some kind of tracker script to track visitors by their (bottom of this page) for example: PHP scripts  JavaScript or CGI/Perl

Second step is to create a webpage for each of your tracker script, to track different email message and then reuse or rotate different webpage tracker for different email message.

It is recommended to have some contents on your tracker webpage, just incase a search engine or visitor stumble onto it, the contents does not affect the tracking ability.

Notes: To create HTML webpage and email without having to learn Hypertext Markup Language, free software are available for download from; 1st Page at www.evrsoft.com  or
Netscape Composer (utility of Netscape Navigator browser).

Finally, the last step is to create your HTML formatted email message (same as a webpage), input the same tracker script into your newsletter message (exactly like step 3) and email the message out to your recipients.

When your recipients read or view the email (while on-line), they will be tracked by their IP address, data collected and stored for for retrieval by you from the tracker site.

To embed auto pop-up browser windows directing email recipients to any specified website.
Embed html email

eMail Bolts & Nuts FAQ's
How to manage and clean bounced or undelivered emails? Understand why emails get bounced
How to use your desktop PCs as an email server and bypass your ISP email server, a simple process using a free mail server program
How to test your message and see if it gets deleted by broad based anti-spam filters?
A one page email course. Everything you wanted to know about emailing in a "nut shell"
Quick guide to: dig finger traceroute ping whois nslookup IP block FTP SMTP relay TCP/IP Port
How to embed email tracking code into your email? Invisible counters, codes, scripts to track viewer
Send HTML or TEXT email using formatted HTML email, you can send an entire webpage
How to embed images into HTML email for faster emailing? Prevent displaying linked-site in recipient email client status bar
RFC defined ESMTP, SMTP Status Email Error Codes? These codes are used to provide informative explanations of error conditions
How email works?  Delivery of each email is done
by your ISP mail server, first establishing a conversation through your recipient port 25
Some spiders visit site after site, collecting email addresses and controlling these rogue spiders spam bots or email harvesters with robot.txt
About TCP/IP and mail server port numbers? It is a number between 1 and 65535 which identifies to the receiving computer what function you want to perform

Third step is to "input" your given tracking script into your webpage and upload it. Normally, when you sign-up the tracking script is given together with some instructions on how to "input" it into your webpage. Here is an example:

Normally the instructions are to input the codes, scripts etc. between the webpage HTML body like this sample below:

<meta http-equiv="content-type"
content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">
<title>New Page 1</title>
<!- - Start of counting Code - ->

<script language=javascript1.2>
<!--s=screen.width;v=navigator.appname if(v != "Netscape") {c=screen.colorDepth} else {c=screen.pixelDepth}
j=navigator.javaEnabled( )//-->

<script><!--function pr(n)
{document.write{n,"\n"};ns2ch-0 if (navigator.appname -- "netscape" && navigator.appversion.charat(0) -- "2") {ns2ch-} if (ns2ch == 0)
pr("<A HREF=\"http:www.counting\" target=\"_top\">
(img") pr("border=0 src=\"http://c1.counting/id=xxxx
"+r+"\"></a>")} //--></script>

Web bugs are small graphic images inserted into web pages, emails and HTML or web documents to allow companies to gather information about you without your knowledge.

Important notes:
AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo etc., expend huge effort to block mass or bulk email from getting to their users. One of the ways is to avoid sending HTML and to mix your AOL customers together with other email domain....

...meaning that if your email list database consist of only AOL addresses, it will be difficult to get them delivered because mail server can detect emails coming from a single IP address by time or quantity to prevent spamming.

eMail Bolts & Nuts FAQ's
The function of URL or Uniform Resource Locator?
A command for your email address, some mail clients may not be able to translate it into an email address
A standard client server protocol for receiving email. POP3 is use for retrieving Internet email from ISPs mail server...
Collections of important useful emails related sites? Free email stuff, real cool, give it a try
Advanced DNS (dig) for the DNS records of a host or domain showing all the DNS records
All about IP Addresses, DNS, Internet addressing. Serious stuff, perfect remedy if you can't sleep
Email history, email netiquette, improving email presentation, email with sound, pictures--give it a try
101 Email spam tracking and meaning of message header? 102 DejaNews the most powerful dedicated spam-tracker's tool 103 The spam tracker tools: Whois, nslookup, traceroute, dig 104 Spam tracking
Never use ISPs that hosts your web site to send out newsletter. If they cancel your account, you will lose all your web pages
Warning: If you publish an online newsletter or email to any opt-in list (including your own list), it is critical that you read this
The history of Spam starts with Monty Python's Flying Circus and Vikings singing Spam
A list of return error codes by Windows Sockets API returned by WSAGetLastErrorcall with descriptions
Meet The Kings of SPAM - You don't need rocket science to figure out how to send spam emails

Advantage and disadvantage of tracking your customers

The advantage - Able to gather lots of information from recipients that is viewing your tracked HTML formatted message.

Disadvantages are:
Recipients dislike
having to pay for bandwidth to download embedded images and all kinds of web bugs and HTML messages take longer to download.

Recipients distrust the sender or company that includes tracker without permission.

Recipients are aware that HTML email are not secure and that even in preview mode all kinds of "bugs" from "pop-up" annoying Ads, connect their browser to sites which they don't want to go, cookies, viruses tracking scripts and all kinds of embedded bugs and gadgets.

To prevent virus from spreading, many corporations system delivers HTML email as text only or are constrained by policy to disperse HTML emails as text message and your HTML email will look like goobegook.

America Online (AOL) users also cannot read HTML enabled email (except for those using AOL 6.0) because AOL uses a proprietary format and non standard HTML

Recipients retaliate by viewing emails off-line and have the pleasure of knowing that they can't be tracked or having to download all kinds embedded web bugs gadgets.

MS Outlook users don't even need to disconnect their always-on Internet connection, they simple double click on the icon at the taskbar to be off-line.


Spam-tracking 103 WHOIS tool nslookup and traceroute freeware download
whois.internic.net or network solutions are network registries to find out contact info for current domain or IP address
nslookup a DNS tool that Perform forward and reverse DNS queries for the current address (this will usually give you the IP address of a hostname)
traceroute finds the route packets take between you and the selected address
Email in a "nut shell" a one page course about emailing. Everything you wanted to know about emailing.
How email works? Delivery of each email is done by your ISP mailserver establishing a conversation through (port 25) of your recipient mail server
Free2-Try 100% effective. The easiest way to Stop Spam getting into your PC. I recommend it. stop spam
Free eBook Sun Tzu Art of War Commanders without thoughtful strategy invite defeat.

Sun Tzu

Free eBook Great online Stealth Marketing strategies to help you increase sales email tips

Listings of free tracker
and counters

www.fxweb.com/tracker/ Free tracker, allowed for sites with more that 500 visitors per day, very reliable, track browser version, busiest times, day, visitors etc.

www.clickxchange.com Free visitor tracker features custom counters styles, creates dynamic charts showing visitors, page views, country maps, visit durations and much more!

http://usa.nedstat.net/index.html  Free for personal websites with complete list of info about your site, last 20 referrers, requires no banner ads.

http://service.bfast.com Hourly statistics with graph, daily statistics, monthly statistics and statistics for the whole year. The counter has many different styles and colors to choose from and each member ID can have 3 counters

www.sitegadgets.com  Standard website counter and Website Monitor to let you know when your site goes down plus free Download Tracker that tracks the number of times each of your files are downloaded.

www.fastcounter.com Very reliable counter at website, receive statistics via email.

  www.resources.htibox.com Free for up to 500 statistics and multiple page tracking

www.sitestatz.com Free webpage tracker that gives complete statistics, including referring links, browser version and more.

www.thecounter.com  Free counter, choice of private or public statistics, receive free visitors count via email, no ads are required to be placed on your website

www.showstat.com Free for non-commercial sites only.

www.webtrendslive.com Tracker gives statistics for unlimited number of pages, total page views, unique visitors, returning visitors, average visit length, average time spent on pages, referring domains, urls, search engines, search phrases, operating system, plugins, screen resolution, colors etc.

www.extreme-dm.com/tracking/ Tracker gives statistics, including referring links, hits received and more.

www.sitegauge.com Multiple page tracking, statistics, info about visitors, referring urls, keywords used etc.

www.sitetracker.com Complete statistics, including average load time of your site, average length of stay, referring pages and more. Required a banner for the free version.



What are JavaScript?

JavaScript are code written as text within the HTML source of the web page and is often used to check the data entered into a webpage form and the visitor's web browser interprets and executes the code rather than a web server.

What is PHP?
is an alternative to Perl and the cgi-bin, it is a scripting language used to process data from a web browser and then return the data in the form of a web page. For more info. visit www.php.net

CGI (Common Gateway Interface): A protocol for gathering data from a Form and sending it to a program or Script such as Perl (a transfer interface) method for processing a Form. You use CGI scripts when you want 2-way communication with your readers.

CGI scripts are often written in the following languages:
Perl, C/C++, Visual Basic - Scripts written in the above languages are called server-side scripts as they are located on the server and are executed only when a user clicks 'submit' on a fill-out form. And JavaScript, VBScript - are known as client-side scripting languages and are located in HTML documents and are executed by your browser.

Have a look at Jacqueline D. Hamilton's on-line tutorial "CGI Programming 101." In it, she teaches you the basics of writing Perl CGI Scripts, step-by-step www.cgi101.com/class/

Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language):
The most common scripting language for processing Form data.
CGI scripts are programs that act as gateways between web servers, other applications and your website visitors.

http://javaboutique.internet.com - Cool collection of free Java applets for download and tutorials.

http://java-scripts.net/ Lots of cool stuff, free javascripts with easy instructions and how to tutorials.

www.scriptarchive.com/ Check out Matt's Script Archive for free CGI Scripts that you can install on your web sites that comes with with detailed installation instructions


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