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How to test your message and see if it
gets deleted by broad based anti-spam filters? 

~: e M a i l  T i p s :~

RFC's rules for bounced or undeliverable notification does not apply, because your mails are accepted and what mail servers do (after accepting them) is an internal matter--meaning; delete your mails without notification.

That's to prevent spammers from knowing whether their mails are valid or have reached their recipients mailbox.

Manipulating key trigger words in your message, for example:

 N/ew  $money  un*subscribe  F^ree  "$_$" only makes it easy for spam checkers to identify your mail as spam--that's what s/p/a/m/m/e/r/s do

Do not manipulate key trigger words in your message, doing that only makes it easy for spam filters to identify it as spam--because that's what s.p.a.m.m.e.r.s do

How to test your message and see if it gets deleted by broad based anti-spam filters? Send your message with subject line, beginning with the word TEST in upper case to: spamcheck-marketingtools5@sitesell.net

Example: TEST eMail Tips issue 26

You will receive a reply mail rating your message, and how to make it less likely to be mistaken as spam.

eMail Bolts & Nuts FAQ's
How to manage and clean bounced or undelivered emails? Understand why emails get bounced
How to use your desktop PCs as an email server and bypass your ISP email server, a simple process using a free mail server program
How to test your message and see if it gets deleted by broad based anti-spam filters?
A one page email course. Everything you wanted to know about emailing in a "nut shell"
Quick guide to: dig finger traceroute ping whois nslookup IP block FTP SMTP relay TCP/IP Port
How to embed email tracking code into your email? Invisible counters, codes, scripts to track viewer
Send HTML or TEXT email using formatted HTML email, you can send an entire webpage
How to embed images into HTML email for faster emailing? Prevent displaying linked-site in recipient email client status bar
RFC defined ESMTP, SMTP Status Email Error Codes? These codes are used to provide informative explanations of error conditions
How email works?  Delivery of each email is done
by your ISP mail server, first establishing a conversation through your recipient port 25
Some spiders visit site after site, collecting email addresses and controlling these rogue spiders spam bots or email harvesters with robot.txt
About TCP/IP and mail server port numbers? It is a number between 1 and 65535 which identifies to the receiving computer what function you want to perform
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