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There's one thing that time won't change... Trust

As market conditions keep changing, no one technology, vendor or methodology is going to help you.

You need to know the truth about the only way, you are going to build customer relationship and that is:


CRM is not just smiling at  customers.. is getting customers  to smile at you.


People do business with
people they know and

Business success or failure is not based on technology. It succeeds or fails, is based on your commitment to focus on the customer.

Romancing the Customer
A series of email CRM complimentary
(bi-monthly news) that can help you build
Trust by applying email strategies to nurture customer relationship and win their hearts and minds.

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Romancing the Customer

Spectacular - Immaculate - Mesmerizing
Experience a soul stirring email CRM program of spectacular effects that inspire you to steadily build a relationship of intrinsic value by using powerful 1to1 email CRM strategies to apply minimum efforts for maximum result at the shortest time possible.

Romancing the Customer
This program is suitable for all customer oriented individual or enterprise on: How to align your 'Vision' with e-strategies, using timeless email customer relationship principles?

Program Objective
One need not spend much to keep customers' happy.
The objective of this email CRM program is based on the principle that;
it's little things that matter and
small changes produce extraordinary results.

Ultimately, the objective is to help you quickly understand how to apply email CRM, develop effective interactive e-communications and establish an enviable 1to1 relationship with your customers on an industrialized basis for tens of thousands of customers.

What's your benefit?
You don't need to be IT experts. There are NO technical aspect for this email CRM program, it is all about interacting and developing good relationship with your customers--
to win their hearts and minds by delivering value-added services to their daily life and you receive loyalty in return.

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"CRM should be about both receiving and delivering value.

But mostly this over-hyped buzzword been about controlling the other party and extracting as much value as possible.

It's no wonder that true CRM success stories are few and far between." End Quote

Bob Thompson
President of Front Line Solutions and founder of, is an industry expert on Partner Relationship Management and Collaborative eBusiness technologies. For more information visit


eMail CRM maximized the
life-time value of
my customers.
I recommend it."
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