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"CRM should be about
both receiving and delivering value."

Bob Thompson - President of Front Line Solutions and founder of, is an industry expert on Partner Relationship Management and Collaborative eBusiness technologies. For more info visit
A leading business community and resource center for Customer Relationship Management that provides an analytical insight into the new Customer Economy.

Featuring the latest news from the global CRM marketplace. With a library of articles, case studies, white papers, academic papers, presentations, career offers and experts' panel with answers on questions.
Don Peppers and Rogers Group specialize in CRM
Interesting CRM related articles, write-up and newsletters.
If it's related to CRM - you'll find it here.
Interesting CRM related articles, write-up and newsletters.
The independent resource center for Customer Relationship Management - CRM
CRM - Customer Relationship Management News for Industry Professionals.

eMail CRM Freeware I recommend it. It maximize the life-time value of my customers--Quick Tour
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How to apply minimum efforts for maximum result at the shortest time?
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Free eBook Sun Tzu
Art of War "Leaders without strategies of warfare, invite defeat"
"eMail CRM maximized the
life-time value of
my customers.
I recommend it."
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A CRM website for people who manage an/or serve small to medium-size businesses.  You can search the database for CRM experts in your area with experience in your industry.
The exciting part of Curry's approach is the involvement of the sales people in the customer marketing process and the focus in supporting them with CRM
Highly regarded website and newsletter cluster founded by Bob Thompson, himself a guru in the area of Partner Relationship Management.  If you haven't signed up for their newsletters, do it now-more than 85,000 folks are already on board.


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I recommend it.

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