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When creating an e-sig designed to get people to your site, follow standard "headline" concepts... like ezine ads, your e-sig should simply entice people to your website...

Once they reach your website, your sales message will take over.
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When creating your e-sig,
follow standard email formatting rules, and keep the width of your e-sig to 65 characters or less...
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Don't make your e-sign too long. If you're posting to newsgroups, moderated lists, or discussion boards, using an
e-sig which is more than 4 or 5 lines long will annoy readers.

And including very long e-sigs in newsgroup postings may cause flamers and others to give you a hard time.

Always include "http://" as part of your website address, so your URL will appear as a "hotlink" to your recipients. (this works in most email readers)

Also, add "mailto:" to the beginning of your email address so it appears as a hotlink.

To help inspire you to create an effective e-sig, and to jogg your creativity, here's a sampling of actual e-sigs...
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