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"The real secret to gold-medal CRM is resisting the false sense of security offered by the seeming ease with which automation resolves time-consuming customer inquiries..." Sarah L. Roberts-Witt   
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by Sarah L. Roberts-Witt

Simplifying CRM

At the turn of the last century, companies didn't agonize over weighty terms like customer relationship management (CRM), that overused and misunderstood buzzword currently plaguing the business world.


Instead they focused on the individuals who
frequented their shops, restaurants, and offices.

They paid careful attention to their customers' likes, dislikes, and quirks. Back then, customer relationship management was as simple as taking the extra time to learn the names and livelihoods of those who plunked down their hard-earned cash for goods or services rendered.

While this attention to detail may seem old-fashioned and inefficient in our cellularly connected, Internet-ready world, the truth is, it worked relationship -- only real people know how to do it, not sales or support automation.

It is the people from the help desk and people that actually chats with potential customers.

As businesses move onto the Internet, dealing with the flow of seemingly anonymous customers presents a new challenge. Developing good business relationships is not exclusive to the brick-and-mortars...continue reading
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