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Customers used to ask me....
What is it that has made the most impact, in your 30 years of marketing career?

Today, I would like to share this short story with you...

Featured Article
by Tony Koh -

During a lecture, I pointed out to the professor that what he is teaching us, are contradicting what
he has written in his book.

The professor responded...  

"I am amazed at you
for thinking that I have
stopped learning".



Once upon a time
there was a wood cutter.

A happy woodcutter He bought a new axe. With it and happily, he could easily cut-down 10 trees a day.

As the days and weeks came to pass, he noticed that he was working twice as hard...

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Woodcutter working

Woodcutter seeking opinion from wise-man

Woodcutter continued to work harder and harder.

but manage to cut-down only half as many trees.

He knew that the problem lies with the axe but requires confirmation.

A wise-man was passing by and the wood cutter quickly took the opportunity to seek his opinion.

The wise-man stroking his beard, said; "Your axe is blunt, it only need sharpening".

Oh! Exclaimed the wood cutter, I agree with you but...

I am busy trying to cut-down more trees everyday and don't have enough time to sharpen it.

off he rushed, back to work and continued to work twice as hard.

What we think and what we know or what we believed, in the end, is of little consequences. The only consequence is what we do.


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