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Customers are not unreasonable, most are just worried and concern about a new relationship they have entered--the moment they purchase a product. They need assurance that they have made the right choice.  
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by Tony Koh -
Bsc  MBA
Secrets for relationship marketing

What makes a relationship work?

Naturally, all relationships are different. When two people


decide to stay together in a long-term relationship, what is it that keeps them together? Can we learn from real-life relationships and apply our knowledge to business for customer relationship management?


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The reality is that no-one can make another person love him or her. Almost everyone has the capacity to feel love but the ability to love another with passion--involves more than just feelings, it means loving and there are many dimensions to that word.


Passion is the emotional component of a relationship. Passion is what brings a couple together and what makes your partner so special to you. It's experienced as love, attraction, well-being, desire, trust, happiness, excitement, joy and sensual intimacy in being around your partner  
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--all these are tied to passion.

Warm, easy, natural--accepting comfort is the daily glue that allows a couple to have an enjoyable and peaceful coexistence. Comfort is the ingredient that sustained a relationship.

The ability to share your innermost self with another and ultimately develop your own depth and style of intimacy--sometimes, but not always: this means opening that part of yourself to which no one else has access.

The word that describes the process by which each person defines his or her desires for a long term-term relationship. Commitment is the agreement that exist between the two partners under the rules, spoken or unspoken, which they have established for themselves.
  • They recognized that an issue that affects one, will affect both of them.
  • They value their relationship because it fulfills the needs of each other.
  • They think in terms of each other's best interest and the ability to grow, both separately and together.
  • They trust and respect each other and these feelings transcend disagreement.
  • They mutually support each other's pursuit of what is important and encourages the other to develop in their own unique way.
  • They give each other sufficient amount of attention, appreciation and respect each other's privacy.


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Real-life business relationship
Customers are not unreasonable, most are just worried and concerned about a new relationship they have entered--the moment they purchased a product.

They need assurance that they have made the right decision--the onus is upon us to reassure them. We don't have to bend backwards to please them.

Unspoken promised commitment
We just need to know what is due to them and deliver it professionally--thereby; develop a fulfilling relationship with an unspoken promised commitment of mutual trust and support.
This type of relationship is crucial to any business, when you think of its role in term of a customer life-time loyalty purchase cycle.

A business which loses one customer a day for one year that usually spend $50 a week, will suffer a sales decline of $1,000,000 (1 million) the next year.

Customer retention
Due to the high costs of acquiring new customers, the only way to profits is to obtain the full life-time value purchase cycle from every customer.

Customer retention is much more important than customer attraction, isn't it?

Profits of loyalty...
Selling only creates a sale, helping people buy creates customers, therefore, treat your customers as appreciating asset.