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Customers = profits. All else are overhead.

  Loyal Customers
are made,
not born.
  Customer relationship is
the key to good business.



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5000 recipients list
eMail Broadcast Marketing Pro
5 stars rating

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1500 recipients list
eMail Broadcast Business Pro
5 stars rating

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500 recipients list
email broadcast standard
5 stars rating


for Win XP ME
98SE 2000 NT4

Not familiar with
Angel help!


MailsBroadcast is a desktop
email customer relationship marketing tool for mass or group broadcasting 1to1 personalize email on an industrialize basis. Differentiate by recipients list with unlimited email list and email group. Freeware will not expire 100% fully functional with no nag-ads, not spyware and no pop-up ads, suitable for individuals or home office.

Helping you to build the foundation for growing your business
Your life-time valued customers is getting more valuable.

eMail Broadcast Professional
25,000 recipients list

5 stars gold award
MailsBroadcast Professional
Your Vital Link to Enhancing Customer Loyalty.

A desktop commercial 1to1 email CRM customer relationship marketing empowerment tool to manage, maintain, customize and personalized email broadcast on an industrialized basis.
Download eMail Broadcast Pro

MailsBroadcast as a powerful desktop 1to1 mass email marketing tool - represents a simple, fast, and effective way to built customer loyalty by creating personalize permission eZine, email newsletters and sales promotional campaign.

MailsBroadcast is an email customer relationship mail merge database contact manager software program, with TEXT and HTML editor to create personalize 1to1 messages for large scale email broadcast from the comfort of your PCs on an industrialize basis and can be used with a dial-up 28.8 internet connection... Read more...Product Info

5 stars award

Nothing is more satisfying than
satisfied customers.

They do care about
who is delivering the relationship.

Your customers
Your future
Customers = Profits. All else, are overhead.
Bringing life to
Developing Relationship

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Ms Dolly Kee

Dolly Kee - Director - ImagePower.com.my

eMail CRM 1to1 maximized
the life-time value of my customers.

Freeware eMail Broadcast eCRM will not expire,
not spyware, not Ads-ware, no-nags ads, fully functional and can bulk, mass, or group email 1to1 personalized messages to 100 recipients per email list with
unlimited email list and email group.

Tip: If you have 1,000 email addresses, simply create 10 lists



eMail List

Jim Bryant


Jim Bryant - Director - www.jmbryant.co.nz

It's all about eMail CRM building
customer loyalty. I recommend it.

eMail list are created by you and unlimited

eMail list contains your customers email addresses

eMail list from 2 lists can be merged into a new list

eMail List can be delete, merge, rename, export, save, copy, duplicate, back-up, restored and input data.






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Mails Group


Tommy Sessions - CEO  www.BadCarAgain.com

The most powerful CRM 1to1
e-marketing product, I have ever used.

eMail Group are created for storing email list

eMail Group can contain one or more email list

eMail Group are created by you and unlimited



Recipient List


Mr Philip


Philip Saint Pere - Director - Cerberint.com

The key asset to my email broadcast
1to1 e-CRM communication strategy.

Recipients List is the maximum amount of customers that
can receive your email message per
email list

Example: If you have 3,000 email addresses and using the 500 Recipients List Standard Edition--only the first 500 email addresses can receive your message.

Tip: Create six email list of 500 email addresses each.




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I am Katrine your
Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

  Not familiar with downloading or worried about installing your eMail CRM program? That's okay!... You are not alone; most newbies have the same problem.

Downloading... simply means that files are being copied and transferred from a PCs (server) to your PCs and in this case, via the internet.

The time required... to download (transfer) files via the Internet depends on the Internet connections, modem and the file size. The approximate download time per 5Mb is: 12 minutes using an ISDN line or 36 minutes on a 56.6 modem

Holding hands Don't worry... Go ahead, click download. Whenever you need my help, I will always be at your side and guide you step by step from downloading to the installation of your eMail Broadcast CRM program.

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