Bounce eMail Manager
A solid industrial strength program that automates the process of identifying and retrieving bounce email from multiple pop3 mail server
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It really is a valued contribution that I and the rest of my team sincerely appreciate it. We have checked your software twice and it is good.
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Shareware Download
Bounce eMail Commerce
Retrieve bounce email from 30 SMTP pop3 mail server

Freeware Download
Freeware Bounce eMail Marketing
Retrieve bounce email from
15 SMTP pop3 mail server

Freeware Download
Freeware Bounce eMail Business
Retrieve bounce email from
10 SMTP pop3 mail server


Bounce eMail Manager has been awarded by Web Hosting Search for
providing an excellent program in identifying and retrieving bounce email.

5 stars
5 Gold Disk Award


How does the program retrieve the correct bounce email?
Ai-Intelligent Bounce logic scans each retrieved email against its bounce data logic compiled from world wide  mail servers failure notification format and extricate the bounce email.
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How can I absolutely and precisely manage bounced email?
Ai-Intelligent Bounce fuzzy logic
recurrence let you have absolute and precise control on which bounce to target for deletion based on numerous times an email got bounced.

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4 stars


Rock Solid Features
Power, Performance and Speed...

You get Real-time email server session activities display (real time log)
mail server log report and can trace problems by using the program
extensive diagnostic information database.

Fast speed, retrieve *4,000 or more bounce email per/hr
Can be used with a dial-up 28.8 modem *Depending on your connection throughput.

Is Bounce eMail Manager freeware an Ad's/Spyware? Not a spyware, no-nag Ad's, will not expire, can manage 100 bounce X 10 pop3 SMTP mail servers or mailbox's.

Broadcasting ezine, newsletters, promotional email and getting thousands of bounced? The program has no preset limit on retrieved bounce database extensions.

Is Bounce eMail Manager an anti-spam program? No, it is not an anti-spam

Concerned about bounce data management? The program auto-creates multiple Text, CSV, Access data files or direct export to MSSQL server data files.

Concerned about receiving thousands of bounce spam? Ai-Intelligent Bounce logic retrieves and deletes them from your bounce mailbox with a log report: No email address

Need to manage a few dozens POP3 bounce mailbox? Bouncemail manager is available for: 10, 15, 30, and 99 different SMTP POP3 mail server or mailbox account.
Bounce eMail Professional Download Bounce eMail Professional
Auto-retrieve undeliverable bounce email
from multiple 99 different POP3 SMTP
mail servers or mailbox accounts
5 Stars Recipients on vacation with AUTO-responder reply? Ai-Intelligent Bounce logic detects AUTO-responder Reply: email and provides a log report: Reply email found

When customers click reply--bouncing the eZine back to your bounce mailbox:
Ai-Intelligent Bounce logic will detect and delete it with a log report:
Reply email found

Worried about virus, etc., attached with bounce? Ai-Intelligent Bounce logic detects attachments; delete them from the mail server with a log report: No email address

What about normal email send by customers? Ai-Intelligent Bounce logic will detect a normal email and provides a log report: No email found  Click here for more product info

Bounce eMail manager

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