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Bounce eMail Manager auto retrieve bounce email from multiple 99 different POP3 SMTP email server or mailbox account download freeware
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How fast does the program retrieve bounce email from the POP3 mail server?
Depending on the connection throughput or device used, ie: ISDN, 28.8 kbps 
ADSL, Cable, etc. The program scans and retrieve up-to 4,000 bounce per/hr >>>>>
Do I get "Real-time" session with the email server while retrieving bounce?

Yes... email server session activities >>>>
display real-time log report, so that you can trace problems by using the program diagnostic information database.


What is the maximum number of email bounce database can it manage? >>>>>

It depends on your system resources.
The program has no preset limit on its database extensions.


How do I control and manage the bounce email data for deletion?

You can precisely control and select the type of bounce data for export, simply by changing the Recurrence value.....  >>>>>

How many different SMTP POP3 email server or mailbox account can the program retrieve from?

Bouncemail manager is available for:
10, 15, 30, and 99
different SMTP POP3 mail server or mailbox account.    >>>>>


In what formats, can the retrieved bounce email be exported?

The program auto-creates Text, CSV, Access data files or user select for export to existing data files or MSSQL server.

Are bounce email segregated into;
 501, 502, 503, Hard/Soft
bounce, etc?

It is erroneous and not-accurate to report bounce email as; hard, soft, 501, 503, etc.

Because, different email server uses their own delivery failure notification report format, with various error conditions like;
Requested action not taken. Not a gateway. This address not allowed. Relaying prohibited. Not local host. Mailbox unavailable...and so on.
< Recurrence Ai-Intelligent Bounce logic allow precise control of bounce email,
based on
numerous time it was bounced and
< Not on ISP's email server various preferences of failure notification formats.

Is Bounce eMail Manager freeware version an Ad's/Spyware?
a spyware, no pop-up nag Ad's, cookies, will not expire and can retrieve, delete, unlimited bounce mail from the mailbox, manage
100 bounce X 10 pop3 SMTP mailbox accounts.
Download your bounce email manager freeware
click here

What if, someone spam or send normal email to my bounce mailbox?
Ai-Intelligent Bounce logic will detect it as a normal email and delete it from the mail server with a log report
No Email found >>>


What happens if a fake or stimulated bounce comes attached with a virus?
Ai-Intelligent Bounce logic scans the email
raw header contents--delete it from the email server with a: No Email address >>>
log report and will not download or expose your system to any virus.
What happens if customers click reply to my broadcasted ezine, newsletters, etc. and it gets into my bounce mailbox?

Ai-Intelligent Bounce logic will detect it as Reply: email, delete it from the email server and provides a: Reply Email found>>
log report.

How does the program retrieve the correct bounce email?
Bounce eMail Manager:
Ai-Intelligent Bounce logic, retrieve and scans
each email against its compiled database from worldwide SMTP POP3 compliance bounce failure notification format and extricate it.

Any examples of international bounce email failure notifications?
Examples of international mail server email delivery failure notifications:

Votre message Objet: n'a pas =E9t=E9 distribu=E9 au destinataire: Utilisateur saless=5F13 non recens=E9 dans le Carne= t d'adresses public
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Notifica sullo stato del recapito generata auto-maticamente. Recapito non riuscito per i seguenti destinatari.
Failed to deliver to SMTP module (domain.com) reports: DNS Loop: MX-record smtp.zzxr.com the addresses had permanent fatal errors (reason: 550 Host unavailable)

Der Name des Empfängers wurde nicht erkannt. Die MTS-ID der ursprünglichen Nachricht ist: c=de;a=;p= in;l=PROXY0220308WVZGS7X MSEXCH:IMS: CMI:PROXY 0 (000C05A6) Unbekannter Empfänger
Hola !! Soy mail el programa de correo de oto.efor. es. Lo siento. No fue posible enviar tu mensaje a la siguiente dirección. Este error es permanente. Lo he intentado pero me rindo. vpopmail (#5.1.1) Una copia del mensaje está debajo de esta línea.

Het hieronder vermelde bericht kan niet bezorgd worden. De opgegeven gebruiker is niet bekend binnen dit domein
ESTA INFORMACION PUEDE SER DE UTILIDAD PARA ENTENDER EL ERROR O PROBLEMA el mensaje no pudo ser entregado debido a una condición temporal; este mensaje de error se   reporta cuando el buzón del destinatario no tiene espacio disponible para alojar el mensaje
Nize jsou kopie hlavicek vasi zpravy/Return-Path: (qmail 3597 invoked); unknown (HELO) by a.smtp.cz


Bounce eMail manager

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