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A soul stirring mesmerizing
Relationship of Love
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African go-away bird Grey Lourie Corythaixoides concolor alert hunted animals to flee from predators.

Game hunters are often frustrated, when their hunted quarry reacts by fleeing from the go-away-bird alarm calls.

Go-away bird calls are very helpful to prey animals. They call out loudly gaa-wayrrr "alarm cry" when ever any predators enters its territory.

African go-away bird perched atop tree branch, noisily telling others to "go away" with their loud call "gaa-wayrrr" hence the name "go-away" bird Corythiaxoides Leucogaster.

African go-away bird live in bushveld, savanna, riverine woodland and in arid country with Acacia and broad-leaved forests.

They often perches on top-most branch of tree, calling
gaa-wayrrr while jerking their tail.

A leopard stalking Impalas being alerted by a go-away bird.

Go-Away-Bird Warning Impala of approaching Leopard

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The Language
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The 'Go Away Bird' are common resident to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, northern Botswana, western Mozambique and northern South Africa.

Their well-known call is 'kweh-h-h-h' or'go-way-y-y', the latter giving rise to its alternative name. Grey Louries fly with heavy wing movements, mostly below tree-top height. The bird are highly vocal especially when disturbed.

It is a large solid grey bird that weight 270 grams with 50 centimeters width and long tail with mohawk type crest that raises and lowers when alarmed or alert and very vocal, especially when disturbed.

Living in trees, in pairs or small groups. They usually mingle in groups of 3-20, occasionally up to 60 beside water hole--jumping, climbing agilely about in trees while raising and lowering crest.

They live in bushveld, savanna, riverine woodland and in arid country with Acacia and broad-leaved forests. Often perches on topmost branch of tree, calling while jerking their tail.

<<African Grey Lourie
go-away bird Corythaixoides concolor gather in large groups to mobs birds of prey, particularly owls, as well as large carnivorous mammals.

They are usually solitary nester and territorial, and produce a clutch of 1-2 eggs with 25 days incubation and nesting
in a platform of sticks and twigs between the fork crown of a thorny tree of the acacia
species breeds all year round.


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