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  Stanford Web Credibility Research Guidelines....
Teun Kampen
Teun Kampen, MD
Exact Software Asia.

"..in order to be successful
in the future, it will depend
on two key factors. First is being able to offer a reliable e-business and CRM.."

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Customers do care about who is delivering the relationship.

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"Leaders who takes on the role of the commander, without understanding the strategy of warfare, invite defeat."

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The easies way to stop email spam getting into your PC

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Stanford Web Credibility Research Guidelines

10 guidelines compiled for building the credibility of a website, based on three years research that included over 4,500 people

According to the Harvard Business Review, companies are losing an average of 50% of their customers every five years.

Happy Customers = Bigger Profits.
Products don't create profits. Customers do.
The customer is your most important asset. Customers = profits. All else, are overhead.

You have the power to easily provide customize individual relationship interaction by using eMail CRM and start building strong email customer relationship interaction.

1. Identify
Get to know each customer and give them reasons to share information with you via email interactions.

2. Differentiate
y differentiating customers, you can allocate resources more efficiently.

3. Interact with email
It gives customers a voice in your relationship, that will help to reduce your cost as you listen.

4. Customize 1to1 email
To meet individual customer needs by making each email relationship more beneficial.

5. Implement
Focus on building strong customer relationship via email and making it easier for them to do business with you.

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